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160-year-old insurance giant transforms into a digital business

How Northwestern Mutual transformed its classic IT model of plan, build, run into an agile model focused on digital innovation.

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4 things successful CIOs know about digital transformation

IDC estimates spending on digital transformation will exceed $2 trillion in 2019; 40 percent of all technology spending will be for digital transformation technologies.

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Vision, alignment and the development of consensus

A vision document provides an efficient solution to find a consensus around what we will be building.

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6 hot digital transformation trends — and 4 going cold

Now considered essential to driving profits, digital transformations are shifting from platform-first strategies to initiatives that leverage emerging technologies in service of clear customer and operational goals.

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Navigating artificial intelligence strategy in your industry

Considering the impact of the artificial intelligence (AI) on your industry's business models, processes, products and services.

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Gender diversity doesn’t happen without advocacy

How mentoring programs are not enough to truly increase diversity in companies’ leadership teams. Greater gender and ethnic diversity happens when advocacy from people in positions of authority embrace that responsibility.

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How CIOs can tap into their investor network when looking for vendors

CIOs should turn to investors for insight into vendors as they can provide CIOs with an understanding of technologies offered by their portfolio companies, insights into the tech solutions their portfolio companies are using, an early...

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Opposites attract – fintechs and incumbents

The banking industry is undergoing substantial change as customers demand digital services. To meet these evolving needs, banks are realizing the value of partnering with fintech firms to spark innovation. So, how can banks and...

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From CIO to CEO: 8 tips for taking your career to the top

CIOs turned CEOs discuss rise to the top and offer some pearls of wisdom for IT leaders considering similar career paths.

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How to get a failing project back on track

While each project is unique and subjected to its own specific risks, there are some universals to heed when it comes to recovering a failing project.

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Driving effective organizational diversity

Why does diversity matter to CIOs? And what role if any do have CIOs have in creating it?

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State of the CIO, 2018: IT-business alignment (finally) gets real

After years of casual courting, IT and business are finally forging effective ways of working together to pursue shared objectives for digital transformation.


Why your IT team should be obsessed with your customers

When IT knows what customers want, it can anticipate their needs. Plus, it gives the team the credibility and respect to contribute in the business at a much more strategic level.

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IT’s worst addictions (and how to cure them)

Are you a control freak? A data fiend? An infrastructure junkie? Your tech addictions may be bringing your company down. Here's how to go cold turkey.

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Digital speed: 5 strategies to rapidly deliver business value from digital transformation

How can CIOs gain the attention of the C-suite by showing significant progress on their digital transformation in a short time frame?

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How CIOs partner with CMOs to transform customer experience

The CIOs from Adobe, Vail Resorts, Inc., and IPG Mediabrands reveal their hard-won lessons from the intersection point of marketing and technology.

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6 reasons to pump the brakes on AI

Artificial intelligence is wending its way into business processes. But CIOs should pause and research the potential business impact of AI tools — both good and bad.

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The strategic CIO’s guide to building customer intimacy

Digitally interacting with a customer through a live, Internet-connected application allows a deeper understanding of that customer as an individual because the flow of data is ongoing and bidirectional.

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