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Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The conveyor belt: the missing piece of your cloud puzzle

Why businesses must learn from manufacturing to stay competitive in the digital economy.

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Removing silos: When non-IT leaders join IT

To help Lexmark's IT department better understand the business, CIO Brad Clay added non-IT people to the team. To ensure their success, he created a formal training program.

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The future of work: How to thrive through IT’s latest revolution

A seismic shakeup of the workplace is under way, as emerging technologies and employment dynamics are reshaping workforces and organizations alike. Here’s how to keep ahead of the changes.

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15 risk areas for software development outsourcing

Watch for warning signs when your company is looking to successfully implement software outsourcing.

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Why enterprise architecture maximizes organizational value

Increase agility, reduce solution delivery time and create a shared vision using the patterns of enterprise architecture.

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Winning the war for AI talent

With tech giants soaking up all available talent, enterprises are scrambling to staff up for an AI-fueled future by partnering with universities and grooming talent from within.

julie choo

The strategy journey

An interview with Julie Choo, lead author of the book “The Strategy Journey: Transform your Business in the Digital Age,” to be published later this year.

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Applying the 3-box solution to technology transformation

A framework for managing a business’s responsibility to create an innovation strategy.

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AI is hungry for fresh why are you starving it?

Companies that fail to gather, secure, and deliver data to those that need are putting their business at risk.

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8 early warning signs of IT disaster

The same systems keep breaking, shadow IT is on the rise, ideas are no longer flowing — sure misfortune awaits those who ignore early indications of impending IT doom.

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‘You're fired!’ – one CIO’s strategy for greater effectiveness

A very novel way for CIOs to increase their own effectiveness.

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What the innovation lab looks like, circa 2018

Taking a look at an innovation lab of a multinational insurance company that wasn’t exactly born digital.

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How to navigate the maze of business roadmaps

Transformation goes beyond ideas. Create a roadmap for making your business strategy actionable.

The 13 most valuable IT certifications today

Looking for a leg up in your IT career? IT certifications remain a proven way to quickly gain valuable skills and demonstrate deeper interest and know-how in a domain that will further your career.

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Dance or dread: Is agile for everyone?

Agile is not just a passing trend. It drives productivity and competitive advantage. How should individuals and companies respond to this way of working that drives productivity and innovation?

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Advancements in project portfolio management of technology investments

If you are responsible for managing portfolios of technology programs and projects, your success in maximizing business outcomes with finite resources is vital to your company’s future in a digital world. New management techniques can...


Driscoll’s cultivates digital strategy with AI, blockchain

The berry producer is exploring emerging technologies to establish a holistic view of the business, from research and development to business operations.

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CIOs on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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Thriving in the speed age: 3 questions to rev up your decision cycle

When you remove decision cycle bottlenecks, the results can be remarkable.

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Starting with prototyping? Wait

By jumping straight into prototyping, you reduce or eliminate strategic outcomes.

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