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Laid-off with a non-compete? Bill would guarantee salary

A proposal in Massachusetts -- not widely expected to pass -- would require an employer to pay at least 50% of a former employer's salary during the period of time the non-compete is in effect.

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Ericsson will lay off 3,000 this summer, says Swedish newspaper

Ericsson is preparing to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 staff this summer, according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

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IT layoffs at insurance firm are a 'never-ending funeral'

MassMutual employees say they are training overseas workers via Web conferencing sessions.

hp layoffs challenges managers

Bloodiest tech industry layoffs of 2016 so far

Here’s a rundown of some of the more notable layoffs, workforce reductions, resizings or whatever computer and networking companies want to call them so far in 2016

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Microsoft kills off another chunk of its smartphone activities

Down, but not out: Microsoft is laying off another 1,850 staff from its smartphone hardware business, but says it isn't leaving the market completely.

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Rejecting employees' pleas, EmblemHealth CEO sets major IT layoff

"Several hundred" IT and operations workers will be laid off, EmblemHealth CEO says.

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Intel's less of a PC company, shedding 12,000 workers as it moves into other businesses

Chipmaker Intel said Tuesday that the company plans to lay off 12,000 jobs, as the company evolves away from being a purely PC company. Intel's primary engines of growth are now the data center and the Internet of Things.

Opportunity knocks for IBM customers, but will they answer?

IBM’s weakened position provides significant customer negotiation leverage.

At Hertz IT, sheriffs, shock and tough choices

The IT outlook in Oklahoma, the site of the Hertz layoff, is not booming right now, so the job prospects for those who were laid off is iffy.

signs you about to be laid off

8 signs you're about to be laid off

Though the economy is improving, it's still possible for IT pros to face a downsizing. How can you tell when to jump ship? Look for these eight signs.

Laid-off IT workers speak out at Trump rally

Two former Disney IT workers spoke at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Alabama on Sunday, describing the shock of having to train their foreign replacements.

rising it salaries

How high will IT salaries climb?

IT salaries rose 7.7 percent year-over-year in 2015, the largest leap ever. But is this growth sustainable?

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Disney IT workers allege conspiracy in layoffs, file lawsuits

Disney IT workers laid off a year ago are accusing the company and the outsourcing firms it hired of engaging in a "conspiracy to displace U.S. workers."

2016 software predictions

10 IT workplace predictions for 2016

2016 is the year of talent -- how to find it, retain it, engage it and motivate it are at the top of organizations' to-do-lists. Here, workforce management experts share their predictions for the coming year.

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Don’t take that recruiter’s call!

Many people decline conversations with recruiters – even when the job they're hearing about sounds like an amazing opportunity – because they feel comfortable. Well, comfortable can be a four letter word to your career. If you're...

10 Signs Layoffs Are Coming

10 signs it's time to look for a new job

In the high-stakes world of high tech, a subtle look can be enough to know it's time to jump ship to a new gig

Sprint owner confirms job cuts will be 'in the thousands'

Sprint reported it gained 237,000 postpaid phone customers in its second fiscal quarter, which ended Sept. 30 -- the first time the company had showed gains on that measure in two years.

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Twitter cuts engineering team, lays off one in 12 employees

Twitter will work better with a "nimbler" engineering team, Dorsey tells staff

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Would Twitter layoffs be smart move or bad sign?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn't wasting any time making major changes in what appears to be an attempt to make the social network profitable. News reports say that Dorsey is getting ready to cut costs by reducing headcount and halting...

layoffs laid off downsize job cuts

Sprint layoffs likely as part of cost-reduction plan

In addition to 31,000 full-time workers, the company also employs about 30,000 contractors.

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