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From CIO to CEO: Yvonne Wassenaar discusses the future of technology

Brief article descriptor: In this Q&A, Airware CEO Yvonne Wassenaar shares insight into her transition from CIO to CEO, how her IT skills have translated into her new role and what advice she would offer CIOs looking to partner closer...

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Why CIOs need a seat at the M&A table

Technology has become crucial to the success of the M&A deal, which means CIOs need to get off the sidelines and get a seat at the head table.

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Why put a lamp under a bucket? IT versus the corporate Learning Management System (LMS)

Why a traditional LMS does not work for learning and development of the IT department.

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U.S. LBM’s culture of freedom, accountability -- and the future of work

Joseph Spagnoletti, CIO at U.S. LBM, reflects on a singular organizational philosophy that accentuates agility and accountability -- while doing away with familiar trappings of corporate life.

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Why digital transformations are lagging

The inability to change culture or align on key metrics such as customer satisfaction and value delivery are among the key reasons why digital transformations are failing, experts say.

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Budget constraints can kill IT innovation … but only if you let them

Focusing too much on costs can result in a race to the bottom, says Chad Sheridan, CIO of USDA's Risk Management Agency. Instead, Federal CIOs (who know a thing or two about working in a budget-challenged environment) are looking to a...

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Seeing and owning the power of diversity

Visually showing who you are and who you want to be can improve inclusiveness.

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Innovation pays off for Synchrony Financial

The credit card provider, spun out of GE, has weaved together a unique innovation framework, highlighted by a network of successful innovation labs.

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How you can set your digital transformation project back to the Stone Age

Those who have been through digital transformation say it’s important to think through all the people and process questions before getting started.

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How to make the most of meetings between IT and your business partners

Sanjay Shringarpure, CIO of E & J Gallo Winery, discusses why a structured approach to meetings between IT and its business partners drives IT value.

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7 tips for battle-testing new technologies

CIOs offer recommendations for conducting proof-of-concept technology tests, as well as vendor “bake-offs.”

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The hurricane preparedness guide for businesses

The period between June and November is one of the riskiest times for business. Why? Because it’s hurricane season.

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Misery loves company: the chronic end-user problems that undermine IT credibility

IT credibility is not simply based upon IT’s ability to implement new technologies or support major business initiatives. Keeping end users productive on a day-in, day-out basis is equally if not more important in establishing IT’s...

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The starting line to the pursuit of digital transformation

By leveraging next-level IT service management technology, CIOs have the opportunity to begin their journey toward digital transformation in familiar territory.

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4 steps to find your voice

What holds you back from speaking in public? Here are four strategies for silencing the voice of doubt and empowering you to speak up.

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How to use AI for strategic decisions

AI is rapidly entering new markets and is quickly becoming an essential tool for business strategy decisions. Although many leaders struggle to understand how to use AI, there is a simple process flow that can be used for any AI...

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Secrets to managing M&A

As the average life of public corporations continues to decrease, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is increasingly a way of life for ‘legacy businesses.' But how do CIOs become a M&A enabler?

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IT makeover: From cost center to revenue driver

If your company views IT as a function to be managed cost-effectively, it may be time to get innovative and elevate the perception and role of IT — to the benefit of your company and career.

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