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3 tips for keeping the service you want despite net neutrality changes

Since the December repeal of net neutrality rules, there have been plenty of questions and concerns raised by businesses, consumers and lawmakers alike. Now is the time to start getting answers and take stock of the services you have...

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Agile project management: 16 tips for a smooth switch to agile

If your company is interested in making the switch to agile project management, here are some tips and strategies to help smooth the transition.

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The importance of integrating legacy enterprises

In the digital age, the ability to integrate data, applications and process becomes critical – and the ability to integrate at will becomes a competitive advantage.

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Female engineers need to fight their own battles

Female tech pros say mentorship and positive environments help, but the onus is on the individual to advance her career.

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Organizing for digital industrial leadership

Jennifer Hartsock, CIO of Baker Hughes, a GE company, explains how she uses a product management model to drive productivity.

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10 tips for making your self-evaluation more meaningful

Whether you think your company uses the information or not, self-evaluations are a necessary device for professional development. Here’s how to make the most of the dreaded self-evaluation process.

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Lessons from M&A IT: How to use a value creation approach to drive your IT agenda

The M&A IT world has many key examples that can be leveraged by CIOs to help them shift investment priorities from a short-term focus to a long-term view across the executive team.

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The two-track approach to encouraging career growth — and employee retention

If career growth at your company means moving into management, you might want to think again. The best companies encourage growth for management and technical employees alike.

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HR: The CIO’s new best friend

CIOs leading transformations need a strong HR partner— someone who will facilitate workforce planning to ensure IT has the talent needed today and in the future.

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7 ways to balance RPA risk and opportunity

These seven steps, plus a slightly more formal approach, will ensure that you achieve your RPA objectives and will go a long way to reducing any risk the change might introduce to your processes.

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IT’s most wanted: 16 traits of indispensable IT pros

Looking to hire (or be) the best? Here are the intangibles that make top IT performers stand out.

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Firefighting: How do we know when IT and cloud organisations have gone over the tipping point?

Planned utilization of resources is the best way to ensure that balance between firefighting and performance is always in equilibrium, especially when the trends suggest increasing complexities and volumes.

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A magic matrix of software service provider integration

Choosing a software service provider has always been a challenging task that kept executives awake at night. However, there is a clear and simple way helping to see the big picture and cure insomnia – a magic matrix.

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Diversity and inclusion: 8 best practices for changing your culture

SYPartners has developed eight best practices for helping clients — and themselves — become more diverse and inclusive organizations. Here’s how to launch your D&I transformation.

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What employees really think about praise and gratitude

Do leaders even know the difference between praise and gratitude...let alone how to use them effectively and the potential positive outcomes?

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How to find the perfect project for Six Sigma success

With its deep emphasis on process, Six Sigma isn’t a tool for every problem. Here are six tips for finding just the right organizational issues that Six Sigma can successfully address.

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9 hidden risks of telecommuting policies

As the boundaries of the enterprise shift, IT’s ability to support and protect remote work environments must shift correspondingly. Here’s how to develop a comprehensive telecommuting policy to mitigate potential liabilities.

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10 early warning signs of IT outsourcing disaster

The causes of IT outsourcing failure are numerous, but there are some common indicators of trouble that IT leaders can monitor and address before an outsourcing relationship goes off the rails.

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