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Define your organization's culture

6 steps to getting digital culture right

Digital transformation is a vital undertaking in today’s competitive landscape. But first you need to redefine your corporate culture, challenge your traditions and overhaul your hiring practices.

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6 steps to help drive consumers to your direct channels

As businesses develop ever more complex distribution strategies for selling goods or services online, the integrity and parity of prices on your owned digital channels has never been more important.


At Wells Fargo, true transformation means making IT obsolete

Secil Watson, head of Digital Solutions for Business at Wells Fargo, tackles digital transformation by considering each challenge in three distinct time horizons. Her ultimate goal: to automate IT out of a job.

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It’s the culture, stupid

If culture is why women are leaving tech, then how do we begin to change it?

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The phases of digital transformation

To accelerate their digital transformation efforts, enterprises should focus on small, fast-moving teams, ecosystem participation and machine intelligence.

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Everything you need to know about Generation Z

The newest generation of workers is getting ready to walk through your doors and get to work. Here’s what makes them tick.

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How CIOs can last longer than 4.3 years

Staying at a company longer than four years is something of a professional victory for CIOs. Here CIOs discuss the different paths to longevity — and success.

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Translating the unintelligible

Are we speaking a foreign language to our business partners?

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14 reasons why software projects fail

From outsized expectations to fundamental feature changes, software development projects get derailed — or declared failures — thanks to a variety of project management and technical factors.

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SRE vs DevOps: What's the difference?

How systems reliability engineers and DevOps are transforming IT.

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Advice from CIOs for boards selecting a new CEO

In the digital era, it is time for boards to hear CIOs on CEO selection.

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The 4 biggest cultural barriers to corporate innovation

It's important to be aware of the following warning signs – and to have a strategy to counter – if you want your company to be a world-class innovator.

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Top IT spending priorities for 2018

From customer experience to digital transformation, here’s where IT leaders are directing their technology spend this year.

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CIO Spotlight: Mark Settle, Okta

Digital transformation is a hot industry buzzword, but for Settle it's become a "cringe-worthy" term. Still, he says, because collaboration tools are key to digitally transforming the way people work, their selection should not be...

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CIOs need to bridge the gap between IT and marketing

CIOs and CMOs need to demolish boundaries and find ways to streamline collaboration in a way that improves their marketing team's access to proprietary corporate data.

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CIO Leadership Live with James Rinaldi of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab | Ep 11

How the agency is opening up data silos and driving data transformation.

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The high cost of anxiety in negotiations

Follow steps to reduce anxiety and improve confidence at the negotiating table, corporate IT leaders can make the biggest impact.

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11 keys to a successful outsourcing relationship

Strategic outsourcing is a two-way street. Here’s how to increase your likelihood of getting the best from your IT service providers.

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