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How to run a successful IT internship program

Internship programs give IT organizations an opportunity to identify and nurture tomorrow's talent. Here, three IT leaders share their best practices for running successful internship programs.

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Winter 2019: State of the CIO

With digital transformation well under way, IT leaders are expanding their roles to take on business strategy responsibilities, identifying new areas of growth and opportunities for competitive differentiation, according to our 2019...

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Secrets of revenue-generating CIOs

More CIOs are adding revenue generation to their job description. IT leaders from MRE Consulting, Retail Business Services, Holman Enterprises and Agero shared their money-making stories.

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CIOs on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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7 keys to an effective IT automation strategy

Here’s how organizations are optimizing their use of automation technologies, moving from simple process improvement to true process transformation.

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You can sign up for this team collaboration app for free today

Unlock your team’s full potential with free chat, file sharing, and task management.

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Waning or waxing? What’s happening to CIO influence?

Those who want to see their influence grow rather than shrink need to look for opportunities and partners rather than losses and interlopers.

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BoSox digital strategy covers all the bases

Digital strategy is a key priority for the Boston Red Sox in 2019. CIO Brian Shield is leading the efforts, which include chatbots and wayfinding software, as well as upgrades to CRM and the corporate intranet.

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6 hot IT leadership trends — and 6 going cold

As the CIO role becomes increasingly strategic, risk aversion and a results-oriented mindset take a backseat to increasingly influence and driving organizational change.

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Why Chief Data Officers need more power

If companies are serious about their data-driven futures, they should give Chief Data Officers the authority and resources they need to empower all employees.

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Beating CIO overload: 3 questions that could change your life

To eliminate CIO overload, create a Big Picture strategy that allows you to develop a healthy, productive team capable of making smart, strategic decisions.

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9 key metrics for IT success

Is your IT organization a business champion or a burden? Here's a look at the essential KPIs for gauging IT's business effectiveness, including digital transformation.

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How CIOs can become corporate board directors

Debra McCormack, managing director for the Center for Board Effectiveness at Deloitte, explains what it takes for CIOs to become corporate board directors.


DevOps? I can’t even open the wrapper!

Many organizations have failed – or are failing – to deliver value through their services because they can’t “unwrap the soap.”

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How do CIOs think about IT transformation?

From fixing how integration is done to jettisoning existing tech debt to helping to drive real business innovation, IT transformation should always be done with the business in mind.

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The CIO’s role in driving agile transformation

CIO’s have a unique opportunity in evolving their agile processes to truly transform how business and technologists collaborate and drive results.

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What is ITIL? Your guide to the IT Infrastructure Library

ITIL is a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. ITIL’s systematic approach to IT service management can help businesses manage risk, strengthen customer relations, establish cost-effective practices, and build a...

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Digital workplace strategy: 10 steps to greater agility, productivity

Your digital transformation is doomed unless you empower employees to succeed in the digital era. Here’s how to craft a workplace that boosts engagement and agility.

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What about TED Talks?

It used to be everyone wanted to be a rock star. These days, everyone wants to give a TED Talk. But in everyday business we don’t need rock stars, we just need to be able to develop and deliver good ideas, presented with energy and...

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How university partnerships are priming tech talent pipelines

Companies are increasingly partnering with colleges and universities to help foster real-world digital skills — and get a head start on hiring for hard-to-fill tech roles.

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