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Reaching the APEX

Describing the enterprise as a pyramid helps reveal the breadth and depth the EA function and helps define the necessary structure for an effective practice.

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Where startups are impacting long-term change for CIOs

Startups are showing up in big ways when it comes to ePrivacy, microservices, and fighting for talent. These are long-term shifts CIOs should keep in mind when it comes to figuring out what to devote attention and resources to.

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Why companies end up spending more on digital technologies than anticipated

Digital technologies are like animals that travel and hunt in packs.

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Prioritizing projects

Understand the context in which project prioritization methods are designed and managed. With this foundation you will be enabled to build a well-tuned model for prioritization.

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When an IT project isn't an IT project, engagement soars

Calling an IT project "an IT project" may be doing your project a disservice.

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Is your data center dust?

Is it time to stop investing in applications that are on-premises?

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A CIO’s dashboard must show bench strength. Does yours?

When you have visibility into technical talent "on the bench," you can know with confidence that your team has what it takes to deliver quality work on time.

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Yamaha revs up digital strategy in race for new revenue

Yamaha CIO Glenn Coles is banking on digital and mobile channels, augmented reality and customer data to bolster the recreational vehicle manufacturer's fortunes.

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How to build the next generation of IT leaders

Forward-thinking CIOs are setting up their organizations for sustained success by anticipating, articulating and developing the skills IT will need at the top in the years ahead.

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How public cloud powers digital transformation: 8 real-world examples

The public cloud has become a strategic tool for digital transformation. IT leaders lend advice on migrating to public cloud services to drive innovation, agility and revenue growth.

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Millennials say no to legacy software

For your upcoming software purchases, think beyond the feature set and cost axes. Make it a strategic goal to have a modern ecosystem using ubiquitous, current technologies. Top talent wants more than high pay. Give them something to...

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CIO Spotlight: Jamshid Rezaei, Mitel

As CIO, Rezaei is responsible for driving Mitel’s IT initiatives, as well as developing and executing the company's digital transformation efforts. Here he discusses Mitel’s digital transformation, the goal of improved customer...

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Project managers need to be warriors, not bookkeepers – or your projects are doomed

Project management is about leadership. Learn to develop, hire and celebrate the warrior project managers.

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Developing your talent

Some concrete steps CIOs take to develop IT talent.

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Remote workforce challenges are increasingly being met with telecom expense management: IDC survey

Rapidly expanding remote workforce + fast evolving mobile telecom technology + ever-changing carrier rate and equipment plans = big challenges for enterprise telecom managers. New survey by IDC finds four most significant challenges...

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Leverage video to boost digital workplace experiences

When evaluating video communications and collaboration solutions, don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Factor in the overall impact on the digital workplace and other technology investments and initiatives.

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7 signs you have a sexual harassment problem

Do you have a Harvey Weinstein-style sexual harassment problem brewing right in front of you? Would you know?

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How IT is helping to create a culture of consumerism in healthcare

CIO Jonathan Shoemaker explains how Allina Health is turning patients into customers using technology and tools regularly used by retailers.

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What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption

Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. Here is what digital transformation entails — and how to tell whether your organization is on the right path.

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Business excellence: why sound business methods fail so often

Don’t confuse the scaffolding for the building.

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