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Solomon Hykes

What is LinuxKit and why does it matter?

LinuxKit allows you to build your own lean and mean containerized operating system.

red star os

Did North Korea Linux ripoff Apple’s macOS?

Some elements of North Korea’s version of Linux (Red Star OS) bear a suspicious resemblance to Apple’s macOS.

linux penguin security

Hardened Node.js distro comes to Docker-friendly Alpine Linux

NodeSource primes its enterprise-oriented NSolid Node.js distro for Docker containers

Ubuntu Gnome 17.04

I have seen the future of Ubuntu: Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 review

Installation was a breeze, but it doesn't quite offer the 'everything works' experience Ubuntu is known for.

Mark Shuttleworth

6 things Mark Shuttleworth should do as CEO of Canonical

Shuttleworth is re-taking control of Canonical. Can he get the company behind Ubuntu back on track?

Dell 11 3180 Education laptop

Hands-on review: Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Education laptop

An affordable laptop that brings Linux-based Chrome OS and Google’s G Suite for Education to schools.

windows cloud

Windows as a service? Now, there’s an argument for Linux

Microsoft wants to control your Windows 10 desktop. Now are you ready to try a Linux desktop?

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 18.1: Mostly smooth, but some sharp edges

A review of the latest version of Ubuntu-based operating system offers long-term support.

no unity

Unity out at Canonical amid big shakeups

Canonical, the company behind the best-known Linux distribution in the world and one of the biggest players in commercial open source software, has announced several large-scale changes of direction that have created big ripples in...

rasberry pi roundup

Raspberry Pi roundup: The unbearable Pi-NAS of being; Pi takes rook; and a little teeny Mac

Our weekly Raspberry Pi roundup includes: Pi-based network-attached storage, a chess-playing robot, and the smallest Mac you’ve ever seen.

Ubuntu winner

Canonical kills Unity, MIR and Ubuntu phones

Ubuntu is going back to Gnome and will adopt Wayland.

ubuntu wood planks

Unity is dead: Ubuntu ditches phone convergence dreams and returns to Gnome

Canonical is giving up on the Ubuntu phone and the Unity desktop interface.

Android Market Share

Android leads in worldwide internet usage

Linux-based Android has overtaken Windows market share in internet usage worldwide.

The wrap: Ubuntu 16.04 comes to Windows 10, Galaxy S8 announced, Red Hat reports 2017 revenue

In this week’s open source wrap-up: Ubuntu 16.04 comes to Windows users; Red Hat FY17 revenue hits $2.4 billion; Samsung announces Galaxy S8 and continues to be at odds with Google over software; and rkt was accepted into CNCF.

Red Hat's secrets of success

Red Hat has done it again. The company reported fourth quarter revenues of $629 million, up 16 percent year-over-year. This translates to over $2.4 billion in annual revenues.


Microsoft OneDrive slowness irks Linux users; Netflix supports Linux on Firefox

In this week’s open source wrap, Linux users faced performance issues with Microsoft’s online services, Netflix went official with Linux support, and Gnome introduced night mode to the Linux desktop.

Dell 5220

Dell Precision 5520 is a beauty and a beast

This the best laptop for Linux power users.


Netflix debuts on Firefox for Linux, but not everyone's happy about it

You can now watch Netflix videos on Firefox for Linux, but not everyone is happy about it as the battle over DRM in HTML rages on.

gift container

Docker and Core OS plan to donate their container technologies to CNCF

The Linux Foundation will become home to yet another critical technology.

ubuntu superhero

How Canonical makes money from Ubuntu

No one makes money from open source; you make money ‘around’ open source. Canonical just proved it.

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