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Password entry

The 6 best password managers

Look to these Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and web tools to make your passwords stronger and your online life easier


Will Blizzard release Overwatch for the Mac?

Blizzard disappointed many Mac gamers when it failed to release Overwatch for macOS. Will the company change its mind and bring Overwatch to the Mac?

boot camp

Apple simplifies Windows 10 installs with support for Creators Update

Apple updated macOS Sierra to more easily allow users to install the latest version of Windows 10 on their Macs.

Will macOS protect you from ransomware attacks?

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks on Windows have some Mac users wondering if they are safe. Is macOS secure from ransomware attacks?

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Should Apple News be released for macOS?

Apple News has been out for iOS for quite a while now. Is it time for it to come to macOS?

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Supply chain attack hits Mac users of HandBrake video converter app

Hackers compromised a download server for HandBrake, a popular open-source program for converting video files, and used it to distribute a macOS version of the application that contained malware.

unix mug commands linux coffee

10 Unix commands every Mac and Linux user should know

Get started with Bash, Unix pipes, directory navigation, sudo, Nano, and other command-line essentials

keyboard user security

Snake cyberespionage malware is ready to bite Mac users

A sophisticated Russian cyberespionage group is readying attacks against Mac users and has recently ported its Windows backdoor program to macOS.

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Homebrew MacOS package manager gets easier to use

Homebrew 1.2.0 deprecates a number of repositories to improve ease of use and software quality

macOS Ubuntu

Why and how to run Linux in macOS ... for free

Parallels Desktop Lite is a free of cost app that allows you to run Linux distributions inside of macOS.

Why hasn’t Apple killed the Hackintosh?

The Hackintosh community is thriving as more and more people build their own desktop Macs instead of buying one from Apple. Why has the company allowed the Hackintosh to exist?

Building a Hackintosh without the help of tonymacx86

Building a Hackintosh can be fairly easy if you use the tools at tonymacx86. But what happens if you wing it when building your Hackintosh?

keyboard user security

Stealthy Mac malware spies on encrypted browser traffic

A new malware program that targets macOS users is capable of spying on encrypted browser traffic and stealing sensitive information.

macbook pro late2016 review adam touchbar emoji1

MacBook Pro: Is the Touch Bar a gimmick?

Apple’s new Touch Bar feature in the MacBook Pro is causing its share of controversy. Is it a gimmick or is it worth using?

What went wrong with Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro?

Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro has been a disaster for the company with professional users. What went wrong and can Apple fix it?

red star os

Did North Korea Linux ripoff Apple’s macOS?

Some elements of North Korea’s version of Linux (Red Star OS) bear a suspicious resemblance to Apple’s macOS.

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macOS: 10 great menu bar apps

The Mac’s menu bar can be a fantastic tool if you have the right apps for it. Here are some terrific menu bar apps to get you started.

Mac Pro

Angry Mac users lash out at Apple over Pro debacle

Apple vows to release a new Mac Pro, but it might be too little and too late for some angry Mac users.

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