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How to switch from macOS to Linux

Apple’s recent Mac updates have left some users running for the exits. Here are some resources to help you make the switch to Linux, including some great Linux distros to replace macOS.

Mac: Lack of hardware updates costing Apple customers

Some of Apple’s Mac customers are leaving the company’s ecosystem. Is anybody at Apple paying attention to this quiet exodus from the Mac?

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Why did Mac sales decline 10% in 2016?

Apple’s Mac computers hit a significant decline in 2016, and that allowed the company’s competitors to profit at Apple's expense. What went wrong for Apple and the Mac in 2016?

Has Apple become a boring company?

One former engineer thinks that Tim Cook has made Apple a “boring operations company.” Is it time for Scott Forstall to return to Apple?

Nvidia’s GeForce Now: A solution for Mac gamers?

Nvidia's GeForce Now streaming service is coming to the Mac. Mac gamers will be able to play games with high-end Nvidia graphics cards via the cloud.

iBooks: Are the enhanced Game of Thrones books worth buying?

Apple now offers enhanced versions of the Game of Thrones books in the iBooks store, but are they worth buying?

macOS: The best ad blocker for Safari?

Ad blocking can speed up your browsing experience and protect you from malware, but which ad blocker should you use in Safari for macOS?

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How Microsoft rebounded to outshine Apple

As more consumers grow disenchanted with Apple, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to cash in on the growing popularity of Surface devices.

Mac desktops: Pipeline Tim becomes Roadmap Tim

Tim Cook says that new Mac desktops are on the way, according to Apple’s roadmap. But haven’t we heard this before from the CEO of Apple?

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Macbook Pro vs Surface Book i7

The latest versions of the Surface Book and Macbook Pro both offer top-notch performance at the same price, but which device offers better features and more value?

Why has Apple marginalized the Mac?

Many Mac users are not happy with Apple’s recent attitude toward the Mac. What is Cupertino thinking by marginalizing the Mac?

9 reasons why I will be buying the new MacBook

Don’t listen to critics, the new Macbook has a lot to offer.

Will Apple kill the Mac Pro?

Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro in three years. Is the company going to pull the plug once and for all on the Mac Pro?

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Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro: Is it worth buying?

Is Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro worth buying? Find out what top tech reviewers think of the newest MacBook Pros before you buy one.

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Best Deals of the Week, October 24th - October 28th - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of October 24th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.

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What Apple's new Touch Bar means for Mac users

Apple this week introduced new MacBook Pros with 'Touch Bars' that hint at Apple's future strategy for touch tech in macOS. However, the price of the refreshed laptops might put them out of reach for many enterprises.

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Apple predicts growth in near term despite down year

Apple this week reported its first annual decline in both revenue and profit since 2001, but CEO Tim Cook is confident the upcoming holiday season will put the company back in the black.

Civilization VI released for Mac

Aspyr has released Civilization VI for the Mac via Steam. The game will also be released soon in the Mac App Store, according to Aspyr.

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IBM says Macs save up to $543 per user

IBM already has the world's largest enterprise Mac footprint, and it adds 1,300 new Macs every week. The company says its Apple devices save IT time and money, but the cultural changes at the 105-year-old company may be even more...

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'New Mac' scented candle smells nothing like a new Mac

What do you buy the Apple 'Fanboi' who has it all? A 'New Mac' smell candle, of course.

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