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New MacBook Pro 15 vs. New XPS 15
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What went wrong with Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro?

Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro has been a disaster for the company with professional users. What went wrong and can Apple fix it?

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Angry Mac users lash out at Apple over Pro debacle

Apple vows to release a new Mac Pro, but it might be too little and too late for some angry Mac users.


Apple spills the beans about a new Mac Pro, iMac Pro and pro displays

A new and redesigned Mac Pro is on the way from Apple. The company also noted that an iMac Pro and Apple-branded pro displays are in the works.

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Will Apple ever update the Mac mini?

Apple’s Mac mini has been languishing without an update for a very long time now. Will the company ever release a new Mac mini?

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Apple: Mac users don't believe Tim Cook's hype about pro products

Pipeline Tim is at it again, talking up Apple's pro products. But his words ring hollow to many frustrated Mac users. Will Apple ever release updated desktop Macs? Will there ever be a new Mac Pro?


Best Buy has cut the MacBook Air's price tag to $800

You can get Apple's cheapest MacBook for even less at Best Buy right now.


Apple: Why a Mac user is switching to Windows

Some frustrated Mac users are getting ready to switch to Windows. One writer shares why he is dumping his Mac and moving to Windows. Is his move a harbinger of things to come as Mac users begin leaving Apple behind?


macOS: How to speed up a slow Mac

Macs are great computers but soon or later they start slowing down. Here are some ways to make your slow Mac much faster.

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iPad: Big revenue drop shows it’s not a replacement for the Mac

iPad revenue dropped again, while Mac sales increased. Tim Cook was wrong, the iPad is not a replacement for the Mac

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Tested: The truth behind the MacBook Pro's 'terrible' battery life

Most reviewers said the MacBook Pro's battery life was great. Many users said the MacBook Pro's battery life was terrible, and Consumer Reports agreed until it changed its mind. Who's right? We ran a bunch of benchmarks to find out.

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Why did Mac sales decline 10% in 2016?

Apple’s Mac computers hit a significant decline in 2016, and that allowed the company’s competitors to profit at Apple's expense. What went wrong for Apple and the Mac in 2016?

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