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1 feb digital marketing

Who is winning in text message (SMS) marketing?

Recent court decisions provide much needed clarity around issues of “consent” so that businesses using text message marketing know when they can rely on the recipient’s consent.

customer experience

Successful CIOs focus on a zero-friction customer experience

The customer experience is a critical component to the success of your company.

nextcon tomas gorny

NextCon provides CIOs a vision for a better customer experience

The event will serve up a new vision to CIOs curious about how technology can merge with human capital to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

spam email

Why do marketers in 2017 still spam?

There's a difference between turning cold contacts into prospects as part of an inbound marketing strategy and pure annoying spam. So why are well known brands still endorsing spam? Read on.

head scratcher strategy thinking

6 strategies smart digital publishers use to monetize content

Content monetization platforms are tricky. Finding the best one for your digital publication can be a challenge if you don’t know what you need.

project management tools

Project management is critical for marketing success in a digital era

Your marketing campaigns are only as good as the project management behind them.

group of millennials using mobile devices

Here’s how companies can reach post-millennials through blogging

If you've struggled with reaching post-millennials with your existing strategy, try this.

marketing automation

20 questions for screening a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant

The biggest issue with Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects in particular, and cloud-based marketing CRM in general, is matching the soaring goals and promises to the actuality of staff and funding. These questions will help you find a...

man standing out crowd individual

Better marketing requires knowing your entire customer base

It's time to focus on your entire customer base, not just a small portion of it.


What is a CRM system? Your guide to customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help you better understand your customers’ needs and how to meet those needs while enhancing your bottom line. CRM systems link up information about customers from a variety of sources,...

sms messenger facebook

The insights CIOs can gain by leveraging conversational commerce

CIO's should focus on creating a connection with customers, not just technology.

statistics stats big data analytics

3 vanity KPIs tech marketers must stop obsessing over

With the plethora of data available today, it's easy to get stuck in "analysis paralysis." Here are three overrated site metrics that may be blinding you ... and the KPIs you should focus on instead.

Data analytics charts on a MacBook Pro laptop

Unstructured customer data is a goldmine, here’s how to use it

If you want to grow customer relationships, try using unstructured data.


4 ways brands use industry news to market to customers

Providing industry news is a great way to keep customers coming back.

marketing automation gears

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

We can all agree that markets and product categories become saturated. Coming up with compelling messages, angles and stories is a challenge, no doubt. But copying the competition is not the path you should choose if you want to stand...


How you can use DNS lookup to improve your marketing campaigns

Here are some interesting ways to use DNS lookup in your marketing strategy.

coachella music festival

How venues are using technology to reinvent event marketing

Event marketing isn't just handing out flyers and radio commercials anymore, it's pure technology.

Big Data Graph

6 data-driven marketing trends every small business should embrace

Yes, even small business owners can use data to increase marketing effectiveness.

 project management knowledge sharing

5 project management mistakes your marketing team is probably making

Marketing campaigns are getting more advanced, but are you failing to properly manage them?

tech investments

4 little-known factors influencing your ROI

ROI is perhaps the most important business metric to be monitored. Unfortunately, boosting revenues and profits is not as simple as black and white. Here’s a look at four critical under-the-radar factors that can significantly impact...

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