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Why CXOs need to jump off a plane

Being ready to metaphorically jump off a plane seems to be a key requirement to deal with the rapid pace of technological and organizational change. Discomfort is the new comfort zone, and individuals as well as teams must learn to...

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The CIO's big challenge: Keeping employees intellectually stimulated

What can a CIO do to keep employees intellectually stimulated and engaged even if their routine jobs may be relatively routine and mundane? Get them involved in "PReDICTTing."

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3 questions from employees on digital transformation and how to answer them

Employees ask questions out of fear of losing their jobs, falling behind in skills, and not knowing how they can help their companies transform. Surfacing these questions and answering them can help bring on new drivers and...

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Do you speak body language?

Why are we so concerned with body language today? How important is body language to a successful business presentation?

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5 tips for career rebranding

It's fairly common for people to look up at the job and think, "How did I get here?" Changing careers can be difficult and daunting. Here are 5 quick tips for making a career change and rebranding yourself professionally.

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