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Why CIOs should take mentor programs seriously

Barnes & Noble CIO Bill Wood shares advice on how IT leaders can build coaching and mentoring into the fabric of their organizations.

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How to prevent millennials from burning out at work

A lot can be said about millennials at work, but one thing seems certain: This generation is stressed-out and anxious. Here’s how you can help.

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You carry their dead weight

Up to 20% of your consultants were probably rated 'below level' or 'significantly below level' in their most recent annual reviews. You need to identify their dead weight to keep it from dragging you down.

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Read your PowerPoint slides!

Coaching and advice for anyone who is called upon to deliver a business presentation. Is there anyone who has not heard, "Don't read your PowerPoint slides to the audience during a presentation"? We think this means we are not...


The 4 critical questions every member of your IT organization needs to know … and why

Every member of your technology organization should know the business they're in, it's customers and why the company is special. That all sounds obvious until you start asking the four questions. If you don't think they'll have the...

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Your project war stories make great teaching tools

Personal stories gain attention and are memorable; use your stories about projects (and mistakes during them) to coach and teach your employees. This "war story" about a raised floor is a reminder that we need to fully understand what...


Helicopter CIOs: stop micromanaging

CIOs usually have progressed to their position from the technical world. Sometimes providing hands-on support is valuable, but where does providing experienced-based assistance become micromanagement?

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IT managers may need to change their work behavior to succeed

IT employee work behavior tendencies are amazingly consistent. In three of four major aspects it is the same for 90% of your IT employees regardless of their position or responsibility. Bottom line: IT attracts a certain type of...

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How to fix cross-cultural communication issues

If your company operates on a global scale, you might find yourself running into problems with colleagues on other continents. If that’s the case, it’s time to and reevaluate how your company handles cross-cultural communication.

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Why curious people make better employees

Most hiring managers focus only on finding candidates with the most impressive qualifications, but there is more to potential employees than a resume. To build self-motivated and inspired teams, you need to hire people who are not...


This time it’s personal

I'm a woman (who writes about tech) on the Internet. The question isn't ‘if’ I'll be harassed, trolled and threatened, it's when.

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Taking team-building into the digital era

Say goodbye to trust falls and weekend retreats. Custom-designed games are the new way to foster collaboration and team-building.

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How to recognize (and manage) 5 common developer personalities

There is no "one size fits all" approach for managing workers, and that's especially true for developers. Here are the 5 most common developer personalities—and tips on how to manage them.

focus on strengths not weaknesses

How to improve employee performance by focusing on strengths

Common sense says leaders should focus on addressing their teams' weaknesses to improve performance. If that’s your approach, you’re wrong.

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Can online training bridge the big data skills gap?

As data analytics become vital to businesses around the globe, companies are facing a talent shortage for these skills. This gap has led to more companies turning to online training to get both new and old workers up to speed...

Demonstrating leadership in IT is an all-around contest

IT leaders are like decathletes: They must demonstrate many skills and the ability to compromise across multiple dimensions for the sake of overall success.

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How to conquer recruiting, retention and IT skills challenges

Experts in the technology industry look at the year ahead and what it holds for recruitment and retention. They also identify what tech skills will top the charts.

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Let go of control for more engaged employees

If you want more engaged employees, trade micromanagement for autonomy and show confidence in your workforce.

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Top 10 career stories of 2015

2015 was another great year for IT professionals thanks to low unemployment rates, more hiring and increased wages. For CIO readers, training, education, professional development, certifications and corporate culture topped the list...

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How SAP is hiring autistic adults for tech jobs

SAP's Autism at Work program is helping adults on the autism spectrum flourish in IT roles, bringing an untapped talent pool into the workplace and fueling further innovation.

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