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autistic adults finding tech jobs

How SAP is hiring autistic adults for tech jobs

SAP's Autism at Work program is helping adults on the autism spectrum flourish in IT roles, bringing an untapped talent pool into the workplace and fueling further innovation.

frustrated tired bored unhappy worker productivity

Your tech employees aren't happy? Here's how to fix it

Dice conducted a study of tech workers to find out what makes them the most unhappy in regards to their careers. Turns out most of it is pretty easy for employers to fix.

generation gap2

How to manage a multi-generational workforce

With multiple generations making up today's workforce, conflicts are bound to arise -- especially as millennials assume management roles. Here's how to take best advantage of the unique characteristics of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen...

performance reviews

How to make your performance review meaningful

Just because companies like Microsoft or Dell have realized that the traditional performance review is outdated doesn't mean your company is that progressive. If you're up against a ranked performance review, here are some tips on how...

tech internships

7 reasons tech internships pay off

In today's competitive market, college students need to make sure they have a leg up on the competition when it comes time for their job search. Here are seven reasons to get an internship in tech before graduation.

hiring former employees

How to turn your B players into A players

It's easy to ignore the B players in your organization. After all, they're reliable, easy to work with and rarely cause issues. But you're doing your company a disservice by not coaching up these middle-of-the-road workers.

How Tim Gunn makes supportive leadership work

Tim Gunn, Emmy award winning host and producer of "Project Runway" is a master of drawing out of fashion designers their own unique inner voice. You can do the same for the people you support.


IT can score with reverse mentoring

That senior executive who has his emails printed out represents a golden opportunity for IT.

building successful it teams

7 ways creating an IT team is like building a winning NFL team

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about building an all-star IT team probably isn't an all-star NBA or NFL team. But a successful sports team and IT team have more in common than you might think.


6 ways to give millennials the mentorship programs they want

Traditional corporate mentorships just don't cut it for today's millennial workers. Younger employees seek meaningful and time-efficient relationships with senior colleagues. These six expert tips can help organizations understand...

What to do when employee performance feedback goes wrong

Managers can read books, get trained, practice and plan, and still your employee may toss you something you don't anticipate. But you can handle it. The key is asking good questions and really listening.

Why delivering feedback is not a one-way street

Managers, there's more to feedback than the 'what.' The 'how' can make all the difference. When you want your employee to own the feedback and take action, make it a two-way conversation.

Why you should teach your IT team to fail

Failure has a stigma in business, we avoid it at all costs. Yet if you are not failing you are not learning. Failure IS an option. Here's how to balance these two seemingly opposing ideas.

Creating an IT organization where people want to work

The very nature of information and technology is changing and oftentimes right under the nose of enterprise IT leaders. Amazing opportunities are left on the table because the talent dynamics of implementing the next level of IT...

intro hp

6 things women want at work

Women are leaving the IT industry in droves, and organizations are struggling to engage and retain these valuable employees. So, what do women want at work? Sure, they want equal pay, but it’s more complicated than that.

sales team success thinkstock

The Business Case for Accomplishments: Enhancing the Bottom Line with a Company Wide Program

Businesses are continuously seeking new methods of creating revenue. What if you were able to get more value from your existing employees? Implementing an accomplishments program company wide and using the information gathered to...

Promoting Yourself Over the Watercooler

Your goal is to see that decision makers are aware of the value you bring to the organization. Casual encounters, even of the social media type, can be personal promotion opportunities. (Serialized from Rick Gillis' just-published...

Man walking on tight rope which is unraveling problem mess danger risk

Accomplishments Trump Discrimination on the Job

Revenue matters more than age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any physical challenges. If you can make an employer money or save them money, you can get the job, earn the promotion or retain your position. (Serialized...

discussion chatter talk debate ideas questions

The Power of an Accomplishment is in Its Net Present Value to Your Employer

You go to work and you do a great job. Or so you think. It is in the eyes of your supervisor whether or not you are delivering value and results to the organization. (Serialized from Rick Gillis' just-published "PROMOTE!")

Discovering Your Accomplishments that Made a Difference

When you build your resume list of accomplishments, call your friends, your family, your former coworkers and your old bosses. Your actions may have gone deeper than you ever knew. (Serialized from the soon-to-be published, "PROMOTE!")...

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