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The CEO’s guide to transforming the IT workforce through M&A

CEOs should use M&A as an opportunity to reassess and transform the IT organization’s profile, capabilities, and workforce to create sustained competitive advantage.

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How Dow’s CIO balances mega-M&A and digital transformation

Melanie Kalmar became CIO at a time of massive change for the chemical giant. Now she’s calling on past experience to guide the company into its next chapter.

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How technical innovation is revolutionizing M&A IT integration

IT innovations are driving significant improvement and success in the delivery of next-generation M&A IT integration projects.

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Next-generation M&A IT integration

Improving the odds of success of major business integrations in a post-merger scenario


Are you transforming fast enough? Lessons from Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods

Lessons for CIO on why and how to drive digital transformation programs.

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Cloudera’s IPO is overshadowed by a rival it won’t mention

The big data poster child is selling itself to investors as a machine learning company, but is really still in the Hadoop business just like Hortonworks, the competitor it would like to ignore.

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What’s behind VMware’s Wavefront acquisition?

Wavefront's software is designed to help CIOs monitor cloud systems at a time when most IT departments are speeding up application deployment with DevOps.

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Accenture’s eye-catching acquisition of Genfour

It’s a safe bet that most enterprises as well as service providers pay attention to Accenture’s market moves and investments. After all, Accenture is the world's largest independent consulting and IT outsourcing firm, so who wouldn’t...

Why did Deloitte acquire Day1 Solutions?

Deloitte recently announced it acquired cloud consulting firm Day1 Solutions. Deloitte is one of the world’s largest service providers and has service relationships with most major U.S. enterprises. Day1 is a small firm. So, this...

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10 project management fundamentals for M&A success

If any business activity ever cried out for leadership by someone with project management expertise, it is an initiative spawned by a merger or acquisition. Here are 10 steps successfully applying project management fundamentals to...

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Tech partnerships in the age of Tinder

With the pace and frequency of tech partnership announcements in the age of cloud and Tinder, is there any staying power – or real value – in partnership announcements?

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Potential Oracle acquisition of Accenture brings new digital twist

This morning’s news in the UK’s leading IT publication, The Register, announced that Oracle has hired specialists to conduct due diligence on synergies and impacts of Oracle acquiring Accenture. Obviously, the feasibility study is at...

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Acquisition signals increasing role of AI in outsourcing

Genpact’s plan to purchase Rage Frameworks represents an evolution in IT automation and business process services – moving from improving back-office functions to enabling true digital transformation.

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Build digital DNA: Leveraging M&A to reshape the IT workforce

Tech leaders cannot simply navigate an M&A transaction and then hope for the best – there has to be a clear and actionable road map for building digital DNA.

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Alaska Airlines lands industry veteran as new CIO

Charu Jain, whose background includes work for American Airlines while at IBM and 20 years at United Airlines, is leading the complex Alaska-Virgin America systems integration efforts.

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Yahoo has become a junk account

The latest revelation of hacking and incompetence at the Yahoo only underscores how low this platform has fallen. Really, there's hardly anything left for Verizon to pick over. My own history of email at Yahoo is instructive,...

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Application monitoring becomes table stakes in the digital age

The lofty premium Cisco paid for AppDynamics underscores the importance of application performance monitoring software, which customers such as United Airlines use to support flight operations and passenger services.

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CIOs eye automation, platform strategies, cybersecurity for 2017

Five CIOs discuss with their big plans for the New Year.

2016 social media stories

2016's biggest social media stories

Social media had undue, and dangerous, influence on the presidential election in 2016, and Microsoft closed one of the highest-profile acquisition in social media history. These are just two of's picks for the most significant...

Trump says mergers like AT&T/Time Warner ‘destroy democracy’

Trump has vowed to block the $85 billion mega-merger of AT&T/Time Warner, but the heads of the telecom and media giants argue that the antitrust review will show the deal to be pro-competitive and pro-consumer.

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