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Microsoft Makes Data Mining Self-Service With BI for Office 365

Microsoft is attempting to break down the barriers to business intelligence with Power BI for Office 365, which is designed to let companies gain new insights by tapping both structured and unstructured and internal and external data....

How to Make SharePoint 2013 More Mobile

Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 offers improved mobile features, however, enterprises need stronger capabilities and may need to turn to third-party applications to make SharePoint fill those growing mobile needs.

What You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Office App for iPhone

Microsoft finally released a native Office app for iPhone. blogger James A. Martin breaks down the pros and cons of the much-anticipated mobile app.

Is Microsoft's Office 365 Bet Starting to Pay Off in Enterprise Adoption?

Microsoft's subscription-desktop hybrid application updated from the cloud may trigger wider Office 365 adoption in the enterprise, at least that's what the software giant is banking on with its new Office365 ProPlus offering.

Android Tablets to Get Doc-Editing Features from Microsoft

Android tablet users should be be able to perform "lightweight" file edits using free Office Web App tools from Microsoft in the near future. Unfortunately, native Office apps for Android and iOS may not be released until late 2014.

Adobe Goes All In for Cloud, While Microsoft Stays on the Fence

Adobe is moving its Creative Suite software to the cloud, and renting it to consumers by the month. Meanwhile, Microsoft says it won't follow the subscription-only path but will continue to offer desktop and cloud options, at least...

Microsoft Investor Joins 'Get Office on the iPad' Chorus

A U.S. hedge-fund sinks $2 billion into Microsoft, seeing future dollar signs in Windows Azure and Office on iOS and Android.

30 Apps That Improve Microsoft Office 2013

Want to improve your Microsoft Office experience? These 30 apps, most of them free, extend the capabilities of your core Office 2013 and Office 365 applications.

Clearing Up Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Confusion

Microsoft SkyDrive Pro gives storage space to individual users in an organization with SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise. It's conceptually similar to, but not the same as, the free consumer SkyDrive cloud storage service. Here's what...

25 Practical Windows 8 Tablet Apps for Business Users

Work smarter--not harder--with these no-nonsense Microsoft Windows 8 tablet apps for business.

Google Brings Free Quickoffice Apps to iPhone, Android

Google is raising the stakes in its battle against Microsoft and Apple by offering free document-editing software for iOS and Android, along with paid versions of the apps.

How to Overcome SharePoint Performance Headaches

Microsoft SharePoint is increasingly becoming a victim of its own success: As more departments start to use it, bottlenecks occur and performance suffers. To combat this, some companies are rolling out third-party storage systems that...

Office 365 Mixes New Features, Familiar Feel and Bridge to the Cloud

The new Office 365 and its enterprise-grade cloud services are a good option for a business of any size. We look at the Windows 8 experience, the desktop-cloud connection and which of the new features will most appeal to both...


SharePoint 2013 Challenges and Questions for CIOs

SharePoint 2013 arrives with a new user interface and new collaboration, search, storage and task management features. But gaps remain in areas like social and mobile, and upgrading and governing SharePoint is still rife with...

Microsoft Stays Mum About Office on the iPad Despite Clear Benefits

Will Microsoft make Office available on iPads? There's certainly money to be made and it would help Microsoft fit in to a world gone mobile. But Microsoft remains non-committal in the face of urgings from analysts and pundits.

iPads, E-Textbooks a Potent Combo on College Campuses

Cheap e-textbooks are slowly making their way to colleges, but e-book savings are only one of many good reasons for undergrads to be packing an iPad.

LibreOffice 4 Is a Free and Powerful Alternative to Office 2013

If Microsoft Office 2013 isn't your style or within your budget, check out LibreOffice. It's free, Office-compatible and uses far fewer resources. You can even run it on your Surface Pro.

Will Microsoft Have to Choose Between Office and Windows?

As Office 2013 begins rolling out, Microsoft will have to decide whether the increased revenue from having Office available on iOS and Android is worth the damage it could do to struggling Windows RT devices.

If You Don't Need Office Do You Still Need Microsoft?

Microsoft should keep Office relevant and keep it in-house. Windows 8 loses its already shaky appeal if Office also runs on iOS and Android.

iPad Tips and Tricks for Creating Content

The iPad is known for consuming content, not creating it. But there are hidden features and short-cuts for the keyboard, within email and in Safari that make creating content on an iPad faster and easier than you think.

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