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vivosmart 3 reps

4 reasons to consider Garmin's new vivosmart 3

Garmin's vivosmart 3 activity trackers has a lot going for it — but you may find it to be too much of a good thing.

competing race competition

12 digital marketing and customer experience tips for success

Creating great customer experiences separates market leaders from the rest of the pack. Here are 12 ideas, best practices, strategies and words of advice for advancing your digital marketing efforts in the year ahead.

garmin drive

Why you still need a dedicated GPS navigation device

In an effort to keep the portable GPS device category alive, Garmin packs a lot of features into its new DriveAssist 51. But only one is likely to resonate with most drivers.

marriott digital design primary

How design thinking drives Marriott's digital strategy

The world’s largest hotelier refreshed its mobile application to follow guests through their stay.

alexa and spotify on ios

Alexa helps you shop on iOS but won't play Spotify

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa, in its quest for world domination, is now available on iOS devices. But Alexa on iPhones has its limits.

trucking and mobile app development

How a trucking company sped up mobile app development

As it moves away from mainframe software, Paccar has embraced a software platform that lets business workers build mobile workflows for their corporate applications.

4 new gadgets that track heart rate

Heart-rate tracking is everywhere these days — in headbands, chest straps, bras, shirts, you name it. Here are four recent activity trackers worth checking out.

mio slice four colors

3 favorite wearables of 2017 (so far)

The year is still young, but these three wearable tech devices have already earned a sweet spot in our hearts (and they'll track our heart rates, too).

Windows 10 tips & tricks Knowledge Pack

What you need to know about Windows 10, UWP and desktop apps

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is making it easier to wrap existing desktop apps in the new Universal Windows Platform format. Is that a stepping stone to more modern Windows 10 apps or recognition that traditional PC...

Why your small business needs a mobile app

Many small businesses are unsure whether they need a mobile app, many believing that their mobile website is enough. Are you staying relevant?


LiquidText update a must-have for iPad Pro

Annotating PDFs just got a lot cooler, thanks to the latest version of LiquidText. The cleverly designed iPad-only app now allows freehand drawing.

genius pack

Carry-on bag promises to hold garments, gadgets and charger

Want one bag to carry hanging garments and recharge your smartphone? Genius Pack's carry-on duffle might fit your needs — but expect a few wrinkles..

google hangouts cuts in half primary

Google splits Hangouts in half

Google introduced a rebuilt Hangouts for the enterprise and added features to its G Suite productivity apps at Google Cloud Next.

apple sap ios

Apple and SAP hope to create a new class of iOS developers

Apple and SAP are looking to foster a new breed of enterprise iOS developers by simplifying backend systems integrations and moving business services to the cloud.

What the Snap IPO means for the future of cloud infrastructure

The Snapchat parent will have no choice but to build its own computing and networking systems. Luckily, it's a good time to do just that using open source technology.

digitization moves slowly3

Time for facility inspections to become digital

A mobile, digital inspection platform offers advantages over paper- or spreadsheet-based facility inspection forms.

tripit app update2

Updated TripIt app tells you when to leave for the airport

TripIt's new Go Now feature shows a countdown clock with the remaining time before you need to leave for the airport, based on current traffic and other data. It's a welcome addition to an essential app for business travelers.

snap ipo3

Snap soars on IPO, now what?

Snap began trading on the New York Stock Exchange today and shares soared. The company -- now valued at $28.33 billion -- has no profits to speak of, so where does it go from here?

fair bear

Hopper travel app helps you decipher — or avoid — basic economy airfares

Most business travelers want to avoid basic economy fares at all costs (literally). The Hopper travel search app offers a new feature designed to help you identify the hidden costs of basic economy, or avoid that airfare class...


3 ways to transform a carry-on bag into smart luggage

Smart luggage is cool, but it often costs $300 and up—and why buy it if you love your current bag? Instead, add some tracking smarts to your bag with one of these three products.

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