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mobile payments

7 reasons mobile payments still aren't mainstream

Though mobile payments and wallets are increasingly popular, they're still nowhere near mainstream. A set of experts and finance-industry watchers weigh in on what's holding mobile payments back, as well what will need to happen for...

google io androids

Protecting yourself from Google’s protection racket

If identity validation involves complex AI computation, then no one except the behemoths will be able to do it anymore, which may be the idea.

blackberry priv wireless charging

BlackBerry's Android security survey blatantly promos PRIV

A new survey meant to gauge Android users' thoughts on security and privacy, commissioned by BlackBerry, offers some interesting takeaways but also reads like an ad for the company's PRIV smartphone.

mobile apps smartphone tablet users business

How to create enterprise apps employees want to use

A good consumer app keeps the user in mind through every stage of development to create the best experience possible. And enterprise apps should not be an exception to this rule. Here’s why.

bad security habits

5 security bad habits (and easy ways to break them)

Your end-users are often the weakest link in your organization's security strategy. Here are five solutions to help users strengthen their security posture.

apple iphone se colors

CIOs upbeat on iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple revealed a pair of new devices this week that look strikingly similar to products it released years ago. However, the smaller sizes, and corresponding lower price points, of the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have kindled new...

iphone 6s plus audio port

7 enterprise bug fixes in iOS 9.3

Apple's latest iOS 9 software update resolves seven enterprise-specific bugs that affect business users and IT administrators.

android security danger

BlackBerry to Android rivals: 'Our updates are faster than yours'

BlackBerry is courting enterprises and security-minded consumers with the speedy release of Google's monthly Android security updates, and the company says it distributes the patches faster than any other Android device maker.

ncaa march madness

March Madness apps for iOS could put corporate data at risk

A new report suggests many of the most popular March Madness apps for iPhone and iPad request access to potentially sensitive information, and they could endanger corporate data stored on BYOD phones and tablets.

iphone security

iOS 9.3 tells enterprise iPhone users what should be obvious

A new iOS software feature reportedly makes its abundantly clear that iPhones connected to the corporate network are 'supervised' by IT and can be remotely monitored and located.

samsung galaxy s6 edge white

5 key steps to take before you sell an old smartphone

Selling a used phone is a great way to make some extra cash, but it's important to delete all of your personal or corporate data before you do. These five tips from an IBM security pro can ensure you know how to remove sensitive...

microsoft windows 10 features panels tool

CIOs cautiously embrace Windows 10

Major OS upgrades are never easy, but according to CIOs and IT executives, the move to Windows 10 is the smoothest Microsoft OS transition in years, even if most of them are taking their time with the deployments.

two factor authentication google

Two-factor authentication, and how it protects your passwords

If you're not already using two-factor authentication to secure your passwords, you're putting sensitive personal information at unnecessary risk. Here's how two-factor auth works, along with a tool to help you get started with the...

blackberry priv keyboard

BlackBerry layoffs could take it a step closer to killing device biz

It didn’t take BlackBerry long to announce its first round of layoffs in 2016. The move continues a troublesome trend for the Canadian company, and it may signal the end for the once-venerable BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry debuts EMM fruits of Good deal

Three months after a $425 million acquisition of Good Technology, BlackBerry this week announced the integration of its mobile management services with Good's EMM offerings. The move is a clear attempt to lure Citrix and AirWatch...

female executive keyhole security

Top 10 security stories of 2015

In the wake of data breaches, cyber espionage and cybercrime, organizations in 2015 gave security a higher profile than ever before.

blackberry priv keyboard full

BlackBerry PRIV review: A new standard for Android in enterprise? spent a month testing BlackBerry's first Android smartphone with a focus on the businesspeople and IT managers who will use and support it. The PRIV is the most capable BlackBerry ever, but does it deliver on what may be its...


A shortsighted call for softening encryption

The Paris attacks have given the government an excuse to renew efforts to gain access to encrypted private communications. It's a bad idea

4 old-school-BlackBerry features in the new PRIV

BlackBerry's new PRIV smartphone may run the Android OS, but it's still a true BlackBerry, thanks to these four recognizable features.

Qualcomm unveils intelligent protection component of Snapdragon security suite

Qualcomm has marshaled cognitive computing and machine learning to give a security program that runs entirely on a smartphone the ability to respond to zero-day attacks by monitoring applications' behavior rather than looking for...

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