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Office 365 training courses to increase your expertise

Microsoft's Office 365 cloud suite regularly receives updates and enhancements. IT pros and enterprise users who want to get the most out of the business apps need to keep up with the changes, and online training courses are a great...

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The Ultimate PC Bundle - Save Hundreds on 10 Top-Rated Apps Ft. Scrivener & CCleaner Pro - Deal Alert

The web is an incredible place, filled with a slew of programs and apps designed to help you get the most out of your PC. But which ones do you pick? Fortunately, the Ultimate PC Bundle is here, and it has curated 10 top-rated...

Canonical joins the Document Foundation Advisory board

The upcoming release of LibreOffice will be one of the first applications to be available as a snap package

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Office 365 gets new Word, PowerPoint and Outlook features

Microsoft Office 365 users will soon get anew tools that aim to improve their writing skills, help prioritize important email and better research topics of interest.

Can Collabora and Nextcloud crack Office 365 dominance?

Nextcloud and Collabora partnership brings free of cost office suite and cloud syncing solution together.

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How one CIO is migrating 18,000 users to Office 365

Multinational engineering company Atkins is in the midst of transitioning its 18,000 employees to Microsoft's cloud suite. The company’s CIO Richard Cross shares some tips he is learning along the way.

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Microsoft's big bet on LinkedIn not just about data

The initial shock of Microsoft's massive $26.2 billion bet on LinkedIn has mostly worn off, but it's still unclear just what Microsoft will do with LinkedIn, how the social network's loyal users will react to related change, and how...

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Paving the way for digital transformation

How a CIO helped maximize a legacy business while helping create an innovative new business.

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You might be using Office 365 without even knowing it

Services like DocuSign and Smartsheet use the Microsoft Graph to pull contextual information out of Office and put it to work where it’s most useful.

DAASI, Collabora team to bring identity management to CloudSuite, LibreOffice Online

The partnership will also bring LibreOffice Online into the European Commission funded AARC project.

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3 and a half fundamentals of IT investment that every SME needs to know

You want to be confident the investments you make in technology are delivering value and where your business benefits from it the most. You want to make sure that your IT is enabling your business objectives.

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3 common cloud pitfalls IT should avoid

As modern businesses flock to the cloud, many fail to perform the necessary due diligence and accordingly fall victim to these common mistakes.

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4 tips to move from Office 365 to Google for Work (or vice versa)

These four tips, from Google, Microsoft and Forrester, can help CIOs and IT pros switch to Google for Work, Office 365 or any other new set of cloud-based productivity tools.

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Microsoft, Google earnings shed light on cloud war

While Microsoft currently has a significant lead over Google in the workplace productivity market, the companies' cloud-based offerings are just a small fraction of their businesses. However, both plan to invest heavily in Office 365...

Kolab and Collabora team up to take on Google Apps and Office 365

The two open source companies are now working together to bring Collabora CloudSuite to Kolab groupware.

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Google for Work much quicker to deploy than Office 365

Companies that deploy Google for Work do it an average of four months faster than those that choose Microsoft Office 365, according to a new report. However, Microsoft stole more customers away from Google than it lost to the rival...

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5 great Microsoft apps for people who hate Microsoft

A number of good reasons exist to use the Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and Office Lens mobile apps, even if you're really not a Microsoft fan.

How to keep Office 365 migration costs in check

Microsoft is pushing enterprise customers to migrate to Office 365, and many are making the leap. How can companies make the move less costly and optimize usage rights and flexibility?

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Why Microsoft will beat Google in the enterprise cloud war

Google beat Microsoft to market with its cloud-based suite of business apps, but the tables have turned and many organizations, particularly large enterprises, are now looking to Microsoft for their cloud needs.

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CIO describes how he moved 125K workers to Office 365 in 6 months

The CIO of Swiss power company ABB shared details with about its decision to ditch IBM Notes and move 125,000 workers to Office 365. The migration spotlighted important lessons for IT leaders about the scalability of...

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