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OpenStack Summit

How OpenStack is listening to the community and improving the project

OpenStack Foundation has identified key areas to improve engagement with its growing community.

20151027 red hat cap

Six highlights of Red Hat Summit 2017

Major announcements and awards from this week's event.

Can Project Halium revive Linux on mobile?

A group of developers have come together to bring open source mobile projects under the same roof to create a fully open source mobile framework.

Open Media Project increases government transparency with technology

Real politics and law making isn’t riveting nor easy to follow. Long debates and votes scheduled at varying times make government hard to follow. How can the public stay abreast of legislation on issues that matter to them with...

Ben Golub CEO, Docker, Inc.

How to containerize your legacy apps without sweating

Docker, along with its partners, has created a program called Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) to containerize legacy applications without changing a single line of code.

mongodb primary

MongoDB database as a service offering goes global

MongoDB's Atlas database as a service offering is now available in 14 Amazon Web services regions, giving users around the globe the capability to co-locate the operational database service near the applications it powers.

Solomon Hykes

Why Docker created the Moby Project

The Moby Project is a framework that allows anyone to assemble their own container system. Here's the backstory.

1 small business security

How to run your small business with free open source software

From alternatives to Microsoft Office to full-blown ERP systems, open source software can provide free options for small businesses that don't have the budget for big-ticket enterprise applications.

Solomon Hykes

What is LinuxKit and why does it matter?

LinuxKit allows you to build your own lean and mean containerized operating system.

red star os

Did North Korea Linux ripoff Apple’s macOS?

Some elements of North Korea’s version of Linux (Red Star OS) bear a suspicious resemblance to Apple’s macOS.

Ubuntu Gnome 17.04

I have seen the future of Ubuntu: Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 review

Installation was a breeze, but it doesn't quite offer the 'everything works' experience Ubuntu is known for.

Mark Shuttleworth

6 things Mark Shuttleworth should do as CEO of Canonical

Shuttleworth is re-taking control of Canonical. Can he get the company behind Ubuntu back on track?

data pipeline primary

Databricks lays production data pipelines

The new Databricks for Data Engineering edition of the Apache Spark-based cloud platform is optimized for combining SQL, structured streaming, ETL and machine learning workloads running on Spark.

Dell 11 3180 Education laptop

Hands-on review: Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Education laptop

An affordable laptop that brings Linux-based Chrome OS and Google’s G Suite for Education to schools.

blurred man running with briefcase

Why you should (sometimes) let software run your business

Your company’s processes and operations may not work the way your software wants them to. Which needs to change: your business or your software?

Can we trust Windows or Microsoft Word anymore?

Microsoft’s silence and delay in patching its products is raising some serious questions.

Ubuntu winner

Canonical kills Unity, MIR and Ubuntu phones

Ubuntu is going back to Gnome and will adopt Wayland.

shipping industry with loading binary code containers on ship representing the concept of software

5 reasons developers love containers

Developers are a driving force behind the adoption of container technology in general and Docker in particular. Here's why.

Android Market Share

Android leads in worldwide internet usage

Linux-based Android has overtaken Windows market share in internet usage worldwide.

hadoop aws primary

New Hortonworks release focuses on SQL and EDW

With the release of its HDP 2.6 Hadoop distribution, Hortonworks seeks to help you boost the performance of SQL interactive queries and optimize their existing enterprise data warehouse investments.

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