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Will Bitcoin become a legitimate currency for large companies?

While you still can’t use the infamous – and misunderstood – digital currency to pay for goods at your local big box outlet, Bitcoin use for real goods and services is growing…fast.

Are retailers (and consumers) ready for EMV?

As chip-and-pin credit cards make their way into consumer’s wallets, and stores retool their card readers to accept them, the industry has been quietly but steadily preparing for the official fall deadline. But that doesn’t mean you...

8 classic (digital) business strategy moves from Apple Pay

Apple’s recent announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference of giving shoppers even more ways to pay via its Apple Pay service is an interesting example of a set of eight classic (digital) business strategy moves the company...

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How wearables will shape the future of mobile payments

Three finance executives discuss the essential role wearable technology will play in the evolution of mobile payments.

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Majority of Apple Pay users report problems, survey says

Apple's mobile payment system seems to have hit a rough patch. Many users experience problems at PoS terminals, and some retailers that claim to support the system still don't, according to a recent survey.

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How the Apple Watch could increase Apple Pay fraud

Criminals are already exploiting Apple Pay to make fraudulent purchases, and the new Apple Watch could actually make it easier, and cheaper, for the bad guys to use stolen card data to make in-store purchases.

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Fraudsters Use Apple Pay to Exploit Stolen Payment Card Data

The on-device security safeguards built into Apple Pay appear to be unbroken, but fraudsters reportedly came up with another way to exploit the mobile payments system, and experts say the problem is 'rampant.'

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4 Things You Need to Know About Samsung Pay

Samsung this week announced its new mobile payment service, Samsung Pay. Here are four things about the new offering you should be aware of.

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Security, Payments Experts Talk Apple Pay

Three security and payments industry experts discuss the pros and cons of Apple's new iPhone-based contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

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4 Security Tips for Apple Pay Users

A payments industry expert shares four tips to help you get safely and security started with Apple's new contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

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McDonald's CIO on Why It's Supporting Apple Pay on Launch Day

In an exclusive interview with, McDonald's U.S. CIO talks about why the fast-food giant chose to support Apple's new contactless payment technology out of the gate and how it built on its experience with Google Wallet to help...

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