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White House Spam Attack is No Reason to Blast Obama Cybersecurity Policy

It seems someone in the government has decided to underscore the importance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month by leaking news of

Black Hat, Defcon Security Horror Stories Show Enterprise Vulnerabilities

Java hacks, VPN hacks, firewall hacks and even hotel room key hacks. Nothing is safe anymore, judging from an analysis of presentations at Black Hat and Defcon this summer. The lesson for enterprise CIOs? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

How to Secure Data by Addressing the Human Element

Your sensitive data is only as secure as the weakest link in your organization, and in many cases the weak link is your employees. A properly established security awareness and training program can pay huge dividends.

Social Media Sites Lead the Way for Security, Privacy Best Practices

In the wake of a record year for data breaches, the Online Trust Alliance is challenging financial institutions, commerce sites and consumer-facing government sites to implement its slate of security and privacy best practices by...

Weekly Cybersecurity Roundup: Special Facebook Edition

This week's IT security roundup is a special Facebook edition, with stories on Facebook's attempt to stop a rampant worm; the doctor/patient Facebook relationship; how you should always remember to log out of Facebook when robbing an...

Cybersecurity Roundup: Hackers Target Gas Firms; Twitter-Spammer Logins Leaked; and More

This week's cybersecurity news roundup features a US ICS-CERT warning about a "spear phishing" campaign aimed at natural-gas pipeline companies; Twitter spammers' logins exposed; a University of North Carolina data breach; and more.

Report Spotlights Changes in Cybersecurity Landscape

A new cybersecurity report from Symantec offers an interesting look at 2011's significant Internet-security threats and trends, including a new focus for hackers, mobile attacks and the effects of major data breaches.

Cybersecurity Roundup: Facebook v Malware; CISPA Progress; Cloud Risks; and More

This week's cybersecurity roundup includes stories on a U.S. court ruling that found a recent corporate data theft does not violate a fraud act; Facebook's bolstered efforts to combat the sharing of malicious URLs on its site; CISPA...

World's Most Dangerous Hackers Want to Steal How You Make Money

Black hat hackers that penetrate your organization and steal sensitive information like customers' credit card data are a serious threat. But nation-state-sponsored hackers after the intellectual property that makes your business...

How to Tell If an Email Is a Phishing Scam

As email phishing operations have grown more sophisticated and convincing, it's harder for even savvy corporate email users to determine whether an email is authentic or fake. Here, presents an example of a particularly...

Weekly Security Digest: China Calls Out US, Japan; Hacktivist Thieves; and More

This week's roundup has China claiming it is the victim of American and Japanese cyber criminals, a study that found hacktivists steal more than actual criminals and a scam targeting Megaupload users.

Malware Hijacks Banks Live Chat Sessions To Steal Info

The attacks use a browser-based man-in-the-middle approach when users try to login to their online banking application.

8 Tips to Defend Against Online Financial Fraud Threats

Criminals are increasingly seeking to hijack the accounts of business owners and executives to initiate fraudulent wire transfers that can cost organizations a fortune. Here are eight steps you can take to defend your organization...

Facebook IPO Unleashes a Phishing Frenzy

Economic desperation makes this the perfect moment for Facebook to file its initial public offering. Investors are hurting and want in on what will be the most hyped (and possibly lucrative) stock offering since Google went public

McAfee Upgrades Mobile App Just as Malware Hits Android Market

McAfee has been warning users that the Android Market is prone to attack. Now it's happened, and McAfee has launched an upgraded application to defend your phone.

Are You at Risk? What Cybercriminals Do With Your Personal Data

When hackers attack a company's systems and steal your personal data, what risk does that pose to you and other victims? How much is your name and email address worth to cybercriminals anyway? To find out what's really at stake,...

4 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

As we approach Data Privacy Day, it's a good time to grab the reins of the sprawling online content about you that you and others have created. Microsoft offers steps to protect your increasingly important online image.

Irony Alert: Beijing Trying to Stop Chinese Hackers

China, everybody’s go-to suspect when it comes to IT security, is finally acknowledging its own problems with hacking. Beijing has also started a campaign to crack-down on non-government-approved Chinese hackers who stole personal...

Top 10 List of the Top 10 Internet Security Prediction Lists

The top predictions from the highest ranked prediction lists on the whole web.

iPhone App Spotlight: SecureSafe

Where do you keep your list of passwords on your iPhone? If you're not using an app like SecureSafe, you should.

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