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Your RFID Battle Plan

Electronic tags still don't top CIO strategy lists. But as a tactical weapon, RFID can be used to fight old problems in new ways.

Kimberly-Clark's Secrets to RFID Success

Get an in-the-trenches update on RFID from the man in charge of keeping store shelves across America stocked with Kleenex and Huggies at all times.

Technology Showdown: The Bar Code Versus RFID

The much-hyped RFID challenges the UPC bar code, for decades the tried-and-true, black-striped workhorse of businesses everywhere. Let's take a close look and see who wins.

RFID Research Project Examining Security and Privacy in the Supply Chain

The primary focus of the "Privacy and Security" module addresses security aspects of data storage, processing and sharing in the RFID-enabled supply chain.

European Retailer to Put RFID Chips in Shoes

One of Europe’s largest shoe companies plans to embed wireless chips in shoes sold at hundreds of stores across the ...

Taiwan Forecasts $30.5B in New Investment, RFID a Focus

The Taiwan government aims to boost private-sector investment in the local economy to new Taiwanese $1.07 trillion (US$30.56 billion) this ...

Project Aims to Tag Tokyo Neighborhood with RFID

A location-based services trial that will see a famous Tokyo neighborhood blanketed with around 10,000 radio frequency identification (RFID) tags ...

RFID Tags Take Flight at Boeing, Airbus

A cursory inspection of the lifejackets stashed under commercial airline seats could add as much as 30 minutes to an ...

More Data on the Way!

RFID promises a gold mine of data. Now what are you going to do when 90 percent of it proves to be pyrite?

RFID: Great Promise, But Great Danger

As companies collect more data, and as the business demand for real-time data increases, so too will the demand for ...

IBM-Led Group Tapped for Military RFID Research

IBM, a producer of PC hardware and services, on Monday said that a consortium it leads has been tapped by ...

The Many Possible Uses of RFIDs

A June Aberdeen Group survey found that nearly 70 percent of responding companies were adopting RFID because of retailer demands. ...

How Manufacturers Can Reap the Benefits of RFID

Retailers, not manufacturers, have been reaping the benefits of RFID. Here’s what needs to change.

Taiwan Puts E-Health, Solar Panels in Digi Clothes

Taiwan’s textile industry is working more closely with the island’s vaunted IT sector to use technologies such as radio frequency ...

Sybase, Intermec Team Up on RFID

Sybase has announced a partnership with supply chain technology company Intermec to provide radio frequency identification (RFID) infrastructure products.The company ...

Group Reports on RFID Pilot Study

Results of a yearlong pilot project on radio frequency identification (RFID) usage involving the CSIRO and the Australian Department of ...

RFID UHF Standard Gains ISO OK

The Australian Gen2 standard for the electronic product code (EPC) global UHF interface protocol for radio frequency identification (RFID) readers ...

The Rules of RFID Usage

Companies using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on products should always tell their customers and make sure they know whether ...

RFID Business Bolstered by FDA Ruling

Tired of waiting for pharmaceutical companies to improve counterfeit-drug screening, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said last week ...

How to Deploy RFID and Respect Customer Privacy

A group of IT vendors, RFID users and consumer advocates have published a set of best practices for RFID deployment.

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