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A virtual face, constructed of binary code.

Who’s in charge of AI in the enterprise?

As artificial intelligence continues to make inroads in the workplace, the managerial reporting lines can get a bit murky.

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How to prepare IT workers for the impact of automation

What happens to technology professionals as artificially intelligent machines take over increasingly complex IT tasks?

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What does the future hold for artificial intelligence?

Andrew Moore, dean of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, shares with his thoughts on where artificial intelligence and cognitive computing research is heading.

How the Industrial Internet builds on the new platform for digital business

More than just the IoT and big data/fast data/data analytics, the real potential of the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 will be realized by the holistic combination of a key set of technology enablers to deliver “dynamic,...

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What do digital, automation and outsourcing have in common?

As we come back from holidays, we tend to reflect on what 2016 will bring, trends and upcoming changes on how buyers and service providers engage. Recently a lot has been said and written about two prominent trends: digital and...

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Robotic Process Automation – Will you be a leader or a laggard?

Robotic Process Automation is a new business model that is disrupting industries, markets and, potentially, whole societies. KPMG's Cliff Justice outlines key considerations for business who want to leverage opportunities for...

The business of bots and the realities of enterprise automation

The emerging set of capabilities and associated technologies enabling the automation of knowledge work through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) represents a tremendous opportunity for the IT function to provide considerable new value...

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How robotic process automation threatens workers today

IT workers are concerned about how implementing robotic automation will add to their workload right now more than they are worried about someday losing their jobs to robots.

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IT outsourcing year in review: Grading our 2015 predictions

We predicted that this was the year that IT outsourcing companies would welcome standardization, outcome-based contracts would finally take hold and RFPs would become a thing of the past. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of...

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IT pros don’t fear rise of the robots

IT professionals are more likely to view robotics and other automation as an asset that can free them up from menial tasks than a threat to their jobs, according to a recent survey.

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Business drones will cause data management headaches for CIOs

Many enterprises will use drones for commercial data gathering - but indexing and examining this data will take specialist data management skills.

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5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages

Let's face it—you're going to have as much fun with these toys as your kids will. And that's just fine.

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The future of tech lies in data, privacy and robots

EmTech 2015, MIT Technology Review's annual conference, focused on the future of technology and what we can expect in the coming years.

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Artificial intelligence can go wrong – but how will we know?

You needn't worry about our robot overlords just yet, but AI can get you into a world of trouble unless we observe some best practices.

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Style, tech converge at 2015 New York Fashion Week

The 2015 New York Fashion Week featured new collections from many top designers, and some savvy companies set their products apart by building cutting edge technology into clothing and accessories.

Cognitive technology and the automation of everything

The automation of knowledge work has the potential to drastically change business by creating a new class of “digital labor."

The future of A.I. ethics is in our hands

When so many of the world's smartest people warn us about 'killer robots' and other ethical issues inherent in artificial intelligence, we should heed their call to make sure A.I. is used for societal good, says Michael Friedenberg.

AI is coming: How to deal with this new type of intelligence

The future of AI will be determined to a large extent by our ability to nurture a positive working relationship with this new type of intelligence. And that won’t be easy.

How IBM’s deal to acquire Merge could transform health IT

A bid made early this month by IBM to acquire Merge Healthcare could radically change the practice of medicine. Its effects might take shape through the first practical applications of artificial intelligence -- not in the diagnosis...

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Instrumenting the human and socializing the machine

When it comes to the digital workplace, the popular opinion, and fear, is that machines are encroaching upon human work activities and taking an ever larger percentage of this work away for good, Fortunately, this doesn’t take into...

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