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How to Deal With Panda, Penguin and Other Google Algorithm Changes

In an effort to improve search result quality and punish black-hat SEO, Google has been making big changes to its algorithms, and more updates are likely on the way soon. Here's how to prepare.

5 Ways IT Can Get More From Google Analytics

Many companies use Google Analytics to view website traffic and visitor click-through data, but that's only the beginning. These five tips will help you examine traffic, keywords, bounce rates and visitors in order to improve your...

DreamForce 2012 All About Sharing Customer Success

A tradeshow is a tradeshow is a tradeshow. But developer conferences can tell you a lot more, providing key indicators for the future. At DreamForce 2012, is showing roughly 90,000 attendees what its high-profile...

Big Data Analytics Today Lets Businesses Play Moneyball

A lot of hype surrounds the term big data, but there's also a lot of action. Like the Oakland Athletics under Billy Beane in the Moneyball era, a majority of organizations today are making the transition to a culture that leverages...

CA Technologies Bridges Big Data Gap with Federation, Indexing

A Coveo implementation at CA Technologies shows that federation of dozens of data sources proves to be an efficient method of dealing with big data, with employees and customers alike reaping the benefits of data availability.

Forced Rankings Are Institutionalized Stupidity at Its Worst

A recent looked inside Microsoft's deeply flawed forced ranking policy has columnist Rob Enderle thinking of ways to combat the practice (and its equally heinous partner, confirmation bias) and improve corporate...

3 Things You Need to Know About Gartner Magic Quadrants

Despite heated debate surrounding the Gartner Magic Quadrants, the vendor community and IT leaders both continue to support the research. The Magic Quadrant is a useful tool, but to reap its greatest benefit, you need to use it with...

Are BYOD Workers More Productive?

Most people prefer using their personal smartphone or tablet for work than a company-issued one. Does this mean their productivity will increase? Probably, says Aberdeen Group.

Can Your Apps Handle an 1,800 Percent Spike in Traffic?

Business customers and users are demanding ever-better performance from websites and applications. However, the majority of CIOs are uncertain they can meet those expectations. Next-generation application performance management (APM)...

Inadequate SSL Certificate Data Threatens IT Security

SSL certificates are a fundamental component of secure online transactions, but a new survey finds that a majority of organizations don't know where or how many certificates they actually have, and nearly as many lack an accurate idea...

How to Make IT Irreplaceable

How do you turn captive IT users into loyal customers? Start by asking whether they'd use your IT operation for their next project.

4 Ways CIOs Can Get Outsourcers to Focus on Business Value

A recent outsourcing survey shows that customers are achieving cost savings from their arrangements with their services providers, but they aren't getting much else in the way of business value. Here's how buyers can change that.

Why IT Costs Must Come Out of the Black Box--Now

Full IT cost transparency is not a "nice to have" anymore, says a new Forrester Research report. It's a required competency that organizations will need to avoid two big business pitfalls and remain competitive.

What Matters Most in Outsourcing: Outcomes vs. Tasks

No one who outsources IT really cares about servers or switches or man-hours. They want business results. Outcome-based outsourcing promises to deliver those results, but moving from input-based pricing to outcome-based contracts is...

Measuring Corporate Contributions to an Open Source Project

Open source is looking more attractive to software development managers who need to make their budgets stretch farther, as the enterprise can benefit from FOSS community's contributions (which you don't have to pay for, cool!). But IT...

TCO versus ROI

Whether return on investment drives more technology decisions than total cost of ownership shows how your company views IT.

What's Your Priority in Focusing on Total Cost of Ownership?

Managing costs is critical. Where do you prioritize when it comes to IT systems? Take this instant poll.

Why IT Management Frameworks Don't Guarantee IT Success

Companies also need an IT maturity model for the enterprise. PLUS: 5 tips to jump-start consultants and standards organizations.

TCO vs. ROI: How Do You Decide?

When will a new IT product pay for itself versus how much will it cost in the long term: Which do you use most when making a technology purchase?

IT Value Metrics: How to Communicate ROI to the Business

CIOs are always faced with pressure to justify their IT expenditures. Now, new research can help correlate those IT dollars spent with business value accrued.

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