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The Real Measure of Great End-User Services

Service level agreements are necessary to provide a base level of metrics for IT support performance, but sole reliance on SLAs is likely to create unhappy and even unproductive users.

The Federal Government's Big Benchmarking Challenge

The Office of Management and Budget wants to slash the government's $22 billion annual IT infrastructure bill. But first it has to benchmark.

How to Sell Your Staff on Dashboards

Check out this expert advice on how to sell dashboards to your staff.

Quality Doesn’t Just Happen

If developers and managers both want to create software that users love, why is it that so many shoddy software projects escape from the Quality Assurance department? Judy McKay shares tales from the dark side of software testing.

Patent (Fight) Pending

Is IBM trying to kill benchmarking by patenting it?

No Comparions: The Outsourcers' War on Benchmarking

Benchmarking your outsourcer's prices against the market is the best lever you have to save money. Too bad your outsourcer may be trying to stop you.

Hot IT Jobs: Head of IT Finance

What you need to know about the requirements and responsibilities for this position.

Finding the Best Metrics for SOA

When CIOs first move to an SOA environment, they need to look beyond traditional metrics to quantify the value of their investment.

SAP Extends Relationship With CA Around Introscope

SAP plans to significantly increase its own use of CA’s Introscope application performance management software as well as its customers’ ...

Metrics: Measuring the Impact of Software on Profits

There’s more than one way to measure the impact of software investments. Take the dispute between SAP and Nucleus Research ...

The Right Way to Use Business Analytics

More and more companies are using analytics to drive their decision-making processes.

Toyota Fills a Metrics Gap

A digital dashboard supplies Toyota's business executives with vital statistics about IT.

Lance Armstrong: Cycling Power

Lance Armstrong doesn’t track his speed when he trains for next month’s Tour de France. The number he craves is ...

Word to CIOs: Don't Forget Metrics

It is encouraging to see a CIO who takes the lead in focusing on projects that will bring value to ...

Making IT Work: The Metrics Trap

As an ambitious young computer science and economics major who desperately wanted to be a writer, I got very good ...

E-Commerce Tools: Web Metrics That Matter

So you want to buy a Saab. If you’re looking to buy one in the United States, you might start ...

Web Metrics: A Good ROI Is Hard to Find

Online gift site Red Envelope cut its shopping cart abandonment from 81 percent to 63 percent, reduced site-related calls to ...

Seven Tips for Developing IT Value Metrics

Rolling out an IT valuation methodology across an enterprise or even within an IT department is a major undertaking (see ...

Finally, a Real Return on Security Spending

For years CIOs have had to use scare tactics to justify an investment in security. Now, they may be able to get numbers they need to show a measurable ROI.

SBC COMMUNICATIONS: More Lines, Less Waiting with Network Management Tools

In the old days, when telecommunications companies held a monopoly on local and long-distance service, lost business wasn’t a major ...

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