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VMware opens up testing of next-gen vSphere to anyone

The product is expected to be announced at VMworld in August

USENIX: Unstable Code Can Lead to Security Vulnerabilities

Program compilers can inadvertently erase code, causing all sorts of hard-to-find performance problems and security issues

Docker All Geared Up for the Enterprise

Docker's rise has been so swift, many might be surprised its official launch happened Monday

Has Cloud Computing Been a Failed Revolution?

Talk to IT personnel, or study what they look up on Google, and you may think they're done with cloud computing. Talk to analysts, though -- or, more importantly, end users -- and you'll hear a different story.

Is Hardware Back? Mobile and Cloud Technology Offer Clues

Plenty of prognosticators proclaim that hardware is dead. Those who do underestimate the impact of the cloud and mobile computing, both of which require a heavy investment in (often unseen) hardware in order to meet customer's...

HP Jumps Into Openstack Fray with New Helion Distribution

HP's OpenStack will be the cornerstone of the company's new Helion line of cloud services and products

Why ABM Is Migrating from VMware to Hyper-V

Facilities solutions specialist ABM has more than 100,000 employees and customers around the world, all served by a small IT team struggling to deliver IT services to its constituents. It needed to find a way to deliver IT services...

Power and Cooling in the Age of the 'Hyperscale' Data Center

With Intelligent Foundation, Emerson Power claims it delivers a more efficient, reliable, scalable and secure data center.

How IBM Plans to Make Oracle Obsolete

IBM almost fell apart in the 1980s because it treated its customers like cash machines and not, well, customers. Oracle (and Sun) happily swept in to take this business. Now Oracle customers increasingly feel a similar squeeze -- and...

How to Protect Virtual Machines

These four products represent different approaches to VM security.

Xen Hypervisor Moves Into ARM Space

Xen jumps in front of Hyper-V and VMware ESX in offering full virtualization for ARM systems

13 Free Tools for Windows Server Admins

Here are some of the best free tools and utilities out there to help you in managing your network.

Flash Your Way to Better VMware Performance

PernixData FVP clusters server-side flash to improve virtual machine performance and reduce SAN latency.

Cloud Traffic Poised to Quadruple by 2017, Challenge CIOs

A recent report from Cisco Systems suggests that global cloud traffic will reach 5.3 zettabytes in 2017. That's more than four times the traffic seen in 2012. Analysts and vendors say this will have far-reaching implications for...

Growth in Teleradiology Studies Spurs SAN Upgrade

As a virtual radiology firm saw its workload nearly triple, storage performance suffered. That, in turn, impacted the underlying database, to the point that maintenance jobs overlapped. Rather than rewrite the database, Virtual...

Open Virtualization Alliance Joins the Linux Foundation

But the developer community for OVA's Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor project will remain separate and independent

VMware Acquires Desktone, Makes Network Virtualization Generally Available

The company also announced a number of new management tools at VMworld Europe

Citrix Integrates Netscaler with VMware's Network Virtualization Platform

NetScaler Control Center for VMware will be available as a tech preview this quarter

Red Hat Unveils New Offerings, Cloud Certification at VMworld

The open source solutions provider is showing off demos of its forthcoming CloudForms 2.1 cloud management technology at VMworld in San Francisco. It also announced a new product that integrates Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and...

Dell Foglight Vanquishes Zombie VMs

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition can now identify and eliminate rogue and abandoned virtual machines

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