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Tools for editing images and web pages.

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chief customer officer

A face as the interface to government services

Increasingly we will see a human face as the interface to government agencies and call centers. Demand for services is increasing. Delivering those services more effectively and at better cost is critical to citizens and taxpayers. ...

Age of Ascent

3D web content may get a lift from DirectX, Apple's Metal, and Vulkan

One of the big problems in gaming is incompatibility. A game written for Windows and DirectX won't work on Macs or Android devices. Vulkan games work on Android, but not on Apple devices, which has its own Metal API.

ces 2017 crowd

10 cool creative tech treasures at CES 2017

Plenty of gadgets for creative pros could be found on the show floor in Las Vegas. Here are our favorites.

google brain

I’ll have what she’s having… Tech design that leads to 'positive' addictions at work

Successful gaming apps appeal to neurotransmitters in our brains that make us feel happy and connected -- and make us want to come back for more. It’s possible to design to business applications and activities that have the same...

data analytics charts

6 tips for creating infographics that destroy the competition

Small businesses and large organizations alike are using infographics as immersive tools to convey valuable information and to reach customers who are fascinated by visuals. The only question is: are your infographics standing out?

swing hero alt

Polaroid Swing review: For those times when a snapshot is not enough

Free iPhone app straddles the line between photo and video.

pix microsoft iphone

Microsoft Pix iOS app uses AI to rival Apple’s Camera

AI-based iOS shooter focuses on people but offers minimal after-shot flexibility.

dell ultrasharp oled monitor

42% off Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor - Deal Alert

One of the world's first 34" ultra-wide curved monitors, the Dell Ultra Sharp. 34 Curved Monitor - U3415W virtually surrounds you with thrilling sights and sounds. Experience a view like never before, with the U3415W 34" curved...

samsung galaxy note 7 s pen coral blue

What the designer of Samsung's sexiest phones thinks about your ugly case

The man who designed 'the world's best-selling Android smartphone' and Samsung's new Note 7 shares what it feels like to see consumers cover up all of his hard work with ugly phone cases.

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