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blockchain challenge

Healthcare interoperability research propositions of the ONC blockchain challenge

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Peter B. Nichol and co-author Jeff Brandt propose moving past theoretical results and engaging in practical research that explores the use of blockchain technologies in autonomous...

cryptocitizen healthcare

ONC blockchain challenge and the birth of the cryptocitizen for healthcare

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Jeff Brandt and Peter B. Nichol seek to redefine health, introducing co-creation of trust for healthcare.

How to prepare your healthcare practice for the conversation on payment reform

Healthcare practice payments are evolving. What exactly do the regulations and new initiatives mean for your practice? When’s the application deadline? How should your practice assess readiness? Be prepared for tomorrow’s...

doctor ipad healthcare

Healthcare colored with blockchain’s open-source foundation

Self-sovereignty and identity anonymity hold the code to unlock the potential for blockchain to change patient health. The architecture of the internet has changed forever.

wellness fitness activity weight lifting

5 easy ways to keep employees engaged in wellness

Employee wellness programs are no longer a novelty, and in many organizations the initial excitement has died down. Corporate wellness experts and HR reps share real-world examples of how to keep staff engaged with simple enhancements...

How virtual reality changes health care

Virtual reality is proving to be an essential tool in providing better, more precise health care.

ehr ts

Is digital health the snake oil of our times?

Ineffective EHR and interoperability issues are significant barriers in the adoption of digital health tools. However, some market leaders are finding ways to overcome these headwinds.

healthcare it business thinkstock

Health IT adoption lags due to lack of patient interest

New Nielsen survey highlights slow rate of adoption and interoperability in health technology as patients don’t see the value of online scheduling, mobile apps and EMRs.

Telehealth and the levers that will move the healthcare industry

Telehealth changes how care is provided at the state and national level. Telehealth policy is a determining success factor. Thinking of rolling out a telehealth program? Providing telehealth challenges providers.

mHealth and telehealth flight for inclusion

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing markets, and broad adoption is building from modular telemedicine units to teleaudiology. Not all providers are finding transitioning skills easy.


Setting up a workstation for a healthier you

There are plenty of gadgets you can buy to make spending every day at your desk or in a cube. But how exactly are you supposed to set all that stuff up to ensure those excellent ergonomics? Read on…

How CIOs explain blockchain to their CFO

Blockchain changes business models and will affect everything from the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and even the products you buy. The CFO business case for blockchain.

uno noteband wearable rapid review

Rapid review: Uno Noteband wearable

Uno Noteband features a novel new speed-reading technology that's designed to help you quickly parse through smartphone notifications. This short video review reveals whether it belongs on the 'cool' or the 'not so much' list.

medial bill confusion ts

Making healthcare bills easier to understand

As part of a broader health IT push, the Department of Health and Human Services secretary rolls out challenge to bring transparency to opaque medical billing practices.

apple watch iphone 6s plus granite

The REAL 'real reason' Apple made the Apple Watch

Despite an amusing report to the contrary, Apple's main motivation behind the release of its first smartwatch was not to improve the overall health of its customer base and change modern healthcare.

Will healthcare play nice with data science?

Data science brings new understanding to healthcare and other scientific fields. But does healthcare want to be told something different from such an understanding?

Design thinking for healthcare

Digital technology designers and business design architects have shifted from designing physical objects or services to designing our interactions with them.

mobile apps crowdsourcing via social media network [CW cover - October 2015]

Apple’s new CareKit apps are great news for consumers. If.

The last mile in healthcare, the place where healthcare consumers meet healthcare providers, is a cauldron of technology-led innovation today. Apple's CareKit apps join a burgeoning ecosystem that's trying to rewrite the rules.

Blockchain health record bank replaces EHRs and EMRs

Blockchain consensus and chain-of-custody for the healthcare supply chain are coming to your neighborhood.

motus baseball wearable technology.png

As MLB embraces wearables, NBA cries foul

Wearable technology took two steps forward and one step back in the pro sports world this week, as MLB approved two fitness trackers and the NBA slapped a player on the wrist for unsanctioned wearable use during games.

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