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NHL seeks to grab fans with data analytics

The NHL wants to bring in hardcore fans and casual fans alike with a multi-phase plan to offer 'enhanced statistics' along with advanced visualizations on 100 years of historical data and its real-time scoring data.

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NFL's Lions Tackle Giant Video Uploads

The football team now uses a cloud file-sharing service that makes it much faster to distribute game video footage to news stations.

8 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Change Sports

The leading minds in sports convened in Boston last week at the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to share ideas about how big data will be a game-changer for fans, players, coaches, officials and front-office personnel.

How Technology Gives the Sports Industry a Winning Edge

The inside story on how the Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts, Georgia Dome, International Speedway, PGA Tour and Trump National Doral Miami are playing the tech game to win.

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