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Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing big data and information governance through mindful storytelling

Six tips for effective data storytelling, as learned from work being done at the Navy.

Red Hat announces Ceph Storage 2

The software defined storage solution introduces Ansible based storage management and monitoring system.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 brings Ceph support

With SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, SUSE becomes the first company to offer a commercial storage solution that is based on the Jewel release of the open source storage platform.

CoreOS takes on container storage with Torus project

Torus is a fully open source project by CoreOS, hosted on GitHub.

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Startups can't ignore the importance of file management design

Whether your startup business is a solo operation or spanning multiple offices, you’re going to need to save and share data. And in order to do that effectively, you’ll need to design a good storage and management system that will...

OwnCloud 9.0 released, brings full federation for easy file sharing

The open source cloud storage and file-sharing services now offers full federation.

How to set up a redundant storage pool with ZFS and Ubuntu

If your data has no redundancy, no backup, it pretty much doesn’t exist.

Does Apple's iPod shuffle need more than 2GB of storage?

Some Apple customers wonder why the iPod shuffle still offers only 2GB of storage. Should the company increase the storage capacity of the iPod shuffle in a future release?

WD and ownCloud team up on consumer cloud device

Western Digital Labs and ownCloud are working to bring a consumer grade self-hosted cloud to market.

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Video series reminds you why memory cards are not dead yet

The SD Association is fighting back against some electronics makers' slow move away from microSD memory cards with a set of five silly videos designed to convince you that external memory can be crucial.

Microsoft backtracks, returns free OneDrive storage

Microsoft last month slashed free OneDrive storage and made a number of unwelcome tweaks to paid plans, but thousands of consumer complaints inspired the company to reverse some — though not all — of the changes.

11 great data storage gifts this holiday season

Need more storage this holiday season? We’ve put together a list of 11 outstanding storage devices from USB flash drives to portable RAID rigs that range from dozens of gigabytes to a terabyte of storage.

Top 7 storage certifications for IT pros

Demand for capable and talented storage technicians and engineers remains high in today's workplace, so what better way to showcase your skills than with a well-respected certification in that field? Check out our top picks from...

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Adapting to the new digital world: Is your data strategy stuck in the Dark Ages?

We marvel at the thought that the price of lighting has fallen 10,000 times since the "Dark Ages." So why don't we take advantage of the fact that the price of data storage has fallen almost double that amount in only two decades?...

Aaron Levie, CEO, Box

The Industrialist’s Dilemma

Interview with Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, on how traditional companies must transform for the digital era

Why I'm moving to Google Photos

Google has suddenly made Apple’s Photos obsolete and irrelevant.

USPS Tries to Keep Mail Relevant in a Digital Age

The U.S. Postal Service is using analytics, sensors, dynamic routing and other modern technologies to stay abreast of consumer and industry needs

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NFL's Lions Tackle Giant Video Uploads

The football team now uses a cloud file-sharing service that makes it much faster to distribute game video footage to news stations.

With version 8, ownCloud becomes a viable Google Drive replacement

Easier sharing, improved search, and support for third party apps make ownCloud a cloud storage contender.

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5 Affordable Hardware Upgrades for a More Efficient New Year

Jazz up your system's storage, memory, networking and display without breaking the bank with’s desktop PC upgrade guide.

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