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ITIL certification guide: Mastering IT services management

ITIL is IT’s go-to framework for delivering IT services. From ITIL Foundation to ITIL Master, here’s everything you need to know about the latest ITIL certifications.

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3 ways that revenue recognition will impact IT

Here's a new five-step model that replaces over 150 pieces of existing guidance on how to recognize revenue and consistently applies the same approach across industries, eliminating specialized industry rules.

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The hidden costs of poor software purchasing exposed!

Many companies think they know how to purchase software when they have little idea of the process! This article looks at 3 places where money is squandered

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ServiceNow taps AI to automate everyday workflows

ServiceNow is bringing enhanced machine-learning capabilities to its Now Platform for business process automation, strengthening its base in IT management while making further inroads into other areas of the enterprise.

How Brexit helped Credit Suisse prove the value of AppDynamics' monitoring tools

The Swiss financial services firm was piloting AppDynamics' application monitoring tools during the UK’s referendum vote, and it proved surprisingly beneficial

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