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Is the PC Dead? Not at Dell, Which Is Doubling Down

For Dell, reports of the personal computer's death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the company's seeing good growth from its PC and thin client lines. Credit new designs, higher screen resolutions, a program for helping users...

5 Reasons Not to Buy Microsoft’s New Surface Pro 3 (Yet)

Microsoft says its new Surface Pro 3 is "the tablet that can replace a laptop." blogger Bill Snyder says you should consider these five points before buying.

Is Windows 8 Development Worth the Trouble?

Microsoft pays some companies to produce Windows 8 versions of their products. Without this type of financial assistance, or various other incentives, is Windows 8 and especially Windows Phone development worth the effort?

HP Sets Standard for 2014 IT Analyst Presentations

HP was the first IT vendor out of the gate with its analyst-only event. columnist Rob Enderle was there to grade HP on five metrics and see how the company stacks up to IBM, EMC and Dell -- all of which know a thing or two...

Why Steve Ballmer Left Microsoft Better Than He Found It

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella certainly has his work cut out for him, but his job pales in comparison to the mess Steve Ballmer inherited in 2000. Nadella should succeed -- and if he does, he owes a lot to his oft-maligned...

Tablet Review: ASUS Transformer T100

The T100 tablet pulls double duty as a tablet and a notebook at a rock-bottom price. But how does it stack up in real-world use.

3 Smart Tablets for Business Pros on the Go

You'd be hard pressed these days to find a worker who doesn't think a tablet would boost his productivity and mobility. Here's a quick look at popular 10-inch iOS, Android and Windows tablets and why they will appeal to employees as...

Can Microsoft Turn Around Its Fortunes With Windows 8 Tablets?

After trailing iPads and Android tablets for enterprise market share in 2013, analysts predict that Windows 8-based tablets will surge from a distant third place to lead the field.

3 Things That Will Make the 'New' Dell Different

Dell is going private, and that means Michael Dell can stop worrying about shareholders and start focusing on what it will take to make his company grow.

4 Things You Need to Know About Microsoft's Nokia Bid

Microsoft plans to purchase Nokia's handset division for more than $7 billion. It marks the end of an era in mobile - and the end of Nokia phones.'s Al Sacco breaks down four effects of the deal that you may not have...

Why Microsoft's Next CEO Will Fail

Steve Ballmer isn't necessarily a bad CEO. After all, Microsoft's on strong financial footing. But Ballmer made enough bad product decisions--Zune, Kin, Vista and perhaps Surface--to suggest that Microsoft employees, swayed by a...

Missteps Under Ballmer May Have Hit a Tipping Point

Microsoft's CEO has been in hot water over a variety of issues, including Microsoft's position in the tablet market (see video).

Steve Ballmer's Departure From Microsoft Isn't News, But Timing Is

Microsoft observers knew CEO Steve Ballmer was due to step down soon, but announcing his impending retirement weeks after an executive reorganization seems odd. With that in mind, contributor Jonathan Hassell examines the...

Top 13 Back-to-School Laptops and Tablets

Yes, it's that time of year. Here's a look at eight top laptops and five top tablets for the students in your life.

False Lenovo Security Report Only Strengthens World's Top PC Maker

A report that Western nations deemed Lenovo PCs to be insecure was quickly kiboshed this week. columnist Rob Enderle smells a rat and suspects it's only a matter of time before the source is outed (and unemployed). Meanwhile,...

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 a Good, But Pricey, Business Tool

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a business-centric mobile device that offers an all-day PC experience. Battery life is impressive, as is the included stylus. But the optional accessories that make it an effective tool for power users...

Why I'm Selling My Surface RT Tablet ASAP (I Hope)

A dearth of new, quality mobile apps is one reason why blogger James A. Martin is calling it quits with his Microsoft Surface tablet. And while he's at it, here are a few more reasons.

4 Things CIOs Need to Know About Microsoft's Reorg

The entirely expected Microsoft reorganization, and the accompanying memo from CEO Steve Ballmer, suggests that the company plans to focuses on devices, the cloud and a much shorter development life cycle. This will have a major...

How to Solve 4 Impending Windows 8 Problems

Enterprises have been slow to adopt Windows 8--and when they have, they've encountered migration, usability, security and hardware issues. Luckily, these challenges aren't impossible to overcome.

Hosted Desktops Come of Age With Nvidia Grid and Citrix

It's taken decades to develop a hosted desktop that is inexpensive, fast, flexible, scalable and usable. Will an Nvidia-Citrix partnership finally buck the trend?

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