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sprint disappear primary

Is Sprint about to disappear?

SoftBank wants to merge Sprint with T-Mobile or Comcast. Here’s why that’s a terrible idea.

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7 ways to improve your Joomla security

Follow these steps to secure your Joomla website and protect its visitors.

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Verizon scores a decisive win in wireless shootout

RootMetrics testing shows that Verizon still offers more speed and reliability than its three major rivals.

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The myth of technology analyst independence

Technology analyst firms make scant distinction between buy-side analysis and sell-side analysis, a conflict of interest that leaves the customer worse off.

sprint gotchas primary

Sprint’s unlimited data plan is filled with 'gotchas'

Sprint’s new plan offering five lines of unlimited voice, texts and data for $90 a month is a good deal for a year – after that the price soars.

Thumbs up thumbs down

Thumbs up for T-Mobile; thumbs down for Verizon and AT&T

Recent consumer surveys give T-Mobile high marks for service, but find that customers are increasingly unhappy with larger rivals AT&T and Verizon.

net neutrality now

Why the FCC's latest net neutrality defense is hollow

The outgoing Democratic chairman of the FCC says 'zero-rated' streaming services from AT&T and Verizon likely violate net neutrality rules, but that might not matter when Republican Ajit Pai takes the reins of the commission later...

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Verizon customers won't like these two new tweaks

With the 2017 New Year comes two new (and unfortunate) changes for Verizon Wireless customers.

You could soon have to pay streaming-video sales tax

Some cities and states want to tax the streaming services that destroyed Blockbuster and other video-rental companies, and that could make it much more expensive to cut the cord.

Video streaming

Everything you need to know to cut the cord and ditch cable

Thinking of cutting the cord and saying sayonara to cable for good? We've got you covered with this easy-to-digest rundown of all the hardware you'll need and the services that deliver the most value.

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T-Mobile's free DIRECTV NOW deal is full of gotchas

The 'Un-carrier' continues to roll out offers that sound too good to be true ... until you read the fine print. T-Mobile's latest DIRECTV Now ploy is an all-out insult to AT&T.

net neutrality now

Deadlocked FCC could mean the death of net neutrality

An FCC with an equal number of Democrat and Republican representatives could be a very bad thing for consumers, because it won't be able to finally do away with the set-top box, stop the AT&T and Time Warner merger, or continue to...

Trump says mergers like AT&T/Time Warner ‘destroy democracy’

Trump has vowed to block the $85 billion mega-merger of AT&T/Time Warner, but the heads of the telecom and media giants argue that the antitrust review will show the deal to be pro-competitive and pro-consumer.

5g internet man2

5G will give you blazing fast broadband at home

You’ll have to wait for 5G on your phone, but ultra-fast wireless will deliver speeds that blow away your cable connection.

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Finland is a tiny wireless nirvana the U.S. could learn from

It's clear that lively competition in Europe yields better wireless service options for consumers. Unfortunately, even more wireless consolidation may come to the United States under President-elect Trump.

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Nokia uses analytics, machine learning to help mobile providers

As mobile competition heats up, Nokia is betting that advanced data analytics and machine learning will help wireless carriers optimize their customer service.

apple iphone 7

Beware these gotchas in T-Mobile's 'free' iPhone 7 offer

T-Mobile's Black Friday offer includes 'free' Apple iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxys, but details in the fine print might make it less appealing to some consumers.

money bag

Are you paying for phony cable programming fees?

Mysterious fees on your cable bill can bump up monthly charges much higher than advertised prices, but a group of consumers are fighting back in lawsuits against Charter and Time Warner Cable.

google pixel in hand

T-Mobile's Google Pixel offer has 2 hidden gotchas (updated)

T-Mobile says it will give customers $325 if they bring their own Google Pixel phones to its network. The deal sounds solid, but there are at least two things you need to know before you opt in.

supply chain

Dealing with multiple service providers: A necessary evil

To be agile, you need to manage a complex IT environment of many partners and providers. Integrating them for business benefit needs to be your new priority.

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