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Twitter's timeline changes do little to solve core challenges

Twitter has consistently failed to address major problems with its platform, and its new timeline enhancements do nothing to improve its clunky new-user onboarding process.


How to handle a major social media crisis

Social media horror stories can be like the car wreck you can’t take your eyes off of. Here are some tips on how to defuse an incident at your company. Or better yet, how to prevent one from happening in the first place.

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One crucial exercise for a healthy business

For those sitting at the top of any business, it takes knowledge and courage to master success and longevity. Here's an effective way to make your organization stand out among your competitors and your customers.

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Social media addiction is a bigger problem than you think

Social networks are massively addictive -- by design -- which makes it really hard for users to break their online habits.

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Twitter taps ex-Googler Kordestani as executive chairman

Omid Kordestani, who until recently was Google’s chief business officer, is now executive chairman of Twitter.

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Twitter cuts engineering team, lays off one in 12 employees

Twitter will work better with a "nimbler" engineering team, Dorsey tells staff

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Instagram surges past Twitter to become 2nd biggest social network

Instagram hit a milestone this week, logging more than 400 million monthly users, solidly surpassing rival Twitter.

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You said, tweeted, texted, instant messaged, posted, shared, liked, emailed what?!?

Phone calls, business letters, interoffice memos, face-to-face meetings — most have been replaced by email, tweets, texts and shares. These new instant communications tools have made us much more productive, but have you considered...

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Teen jailed for supporting ISIS on Twitter

A 17-year-old Virginia resident has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison, after he used Twitter to provide financial and recruiting support to the extremist Islamic group known as ISIS.

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Twitter shutdown of apps for deleted tweets could give politicians new control

By effectively shutting down apps that showed politicians' deleted tweets, Twitter is giving politicians more control over public speech, and at the cost of transparency, some digital media experts said.

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Google now displaying tweets in desktop search

A partnership between Google and Twitter that began displaying tweets in Google search results on mobile devices has been expanded to the desktop.

4 ways Twitter plans to keep you safe and secure

While Twitter’s battle against trolls and bullies is far from over, the social network has made improvements that aim to cut down on abusive behavior and strengthen your safety and security.

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Why Google should buy Twitter … NOW

Opportunity is knocking as Twitter hits an impasse and Google faces reality with Google+. Both companies might want to call their lawyers and make the most of what might be their last best chance to unite.

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Social media sites still don't do enough to combat abuse

Twitter, Google and Reddit have adopted new policies or introduced tools meant to reduce abuse on their sites, but the recent efforts simply aren't enough to combat the exploitation they've let fester for years.

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7 things we hate about Twitter

You probably either love Twitter for its quirkiness and brevity or see it as a pointless waste of time. After nearly a decade on the social scene, Twitter still needs to improve its user experience and fill in notable gaps in the...

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Twitter takes another shot at social shopping

Twitter tried to break into social shopping in the past, but its efforts mostly fell flat. The struggling social network hopes to make waves (and revenue) with new product pages built for ecommerce, but is it another ill-conceived...

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Twitter lost the average Joe and Jane (and they may never return)

Twitter turns 10 next March, but it’s still acting like a toddler unwilling to accept change. It’s losing users faster than it’s adding them. What are they missing? If Twitter is still struggling to answer that question, why should...

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Privacy settings smackdown: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+

Not all privacy settings are created equalImage by ITworld/Stephen SauerNearly three-quarters of people with access to the Internet use social networking sites, a number that has skyrocketed since early 2005, according to the Pew...

Why Twitter's CEO is looking for a job

Some investors and industry watchers have been calling for management changes for nearly a year because user growth has stalled and the company has failed to perform well financially.

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Why Twitter Cards are key to social media marketing

Twitter Cards let you promote brand awareness, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales. You may not be aware of them, but they vastly improve the user experience beyond 140 characters.

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