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Take the Tech Logo Quiz

Test your inner design geek and take a look under the hood at some of tech's most famous logos.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Retirement Announcement Letter

Has held Microsoft’s top job since 2000

Celebrating Unix Heroes

A look at the early Unix pioneers and their contributions to the computer industry.

Microsoft Cuts Deal to Deploy Oracle Database, Weblogic & Java as Azure Cloud Services

Businesses, and developers in particular, that want to deploy Java, Oracle Database and Oracle Web Logic Server in the public cloud can now do so thanks to an agreement between Oracle and Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

First Look at Apple's iOS 7

Apple iOS software designed for improved usability.

Oracle, Managed Services Provider to Settle Suit Over Third-party Support

Oracle had accused ServiceKey of participating in a 'gray market' conspiracy for hardware and Solaris support services

9 Essential Internet Explorer 10 Add-ons

Quality add-ons for Internet Explorer are few and far between, here are nine noteworthy candidates.

14 Useful Linux Websites

Looking to learn more about open source and free software? You can't go wrong with these sites.

Oracle Adds More Cloud Finesse to Solaris

The newly released Solaris 11.1 offers more SDN features as well as a new federated filesystem for NFS

6 Free Email Servers for Small Businesses

hMailServer (Windows only) takes the top spot; Citadel (Linux only) comes in a close second.

Itanium Fans Cheer Oracle's Return After Slamming its Choice to Stop Porting

Users, channel partners and analysts say resuming development of Oracle software for HP Itanium servers is a good move

Twitter Joins the Linux Foundation

It's been quite the all-star cast of companies joining the Linux Foundation over the past year or so, and next week will see the addition of another doozy.

HP Spins Off "Gram" as Independent Home for WebOS

The death of webOS has been proclaimed loudly and often ever since HP announced that it was donating the Linux-based mobile operating system to the open source community, but like the Energizer Bunny, it seems to keep going.

"Damn Small Linux" Returns with a Brand-New Release Candidate

The past few months have seen a flurry of Linux distribution updates, and this one is certainly no exception.

Nvidia Releases New Unix Driver to Fix High-risk Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Nvidia Unix driver 304.32 addresses vulnerability that can grant local users root access

Mageia: A Linux Distro on the Rise

Popularity is a fickle mistress, and that's just as true with Linux distributions as it is in the rest of life.

64-bit Operating Systems, Virtualization Software Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks on Intel CPUs

Attackers can exploit an Intel CPU-dependent vulnerability to escape virtual machines or gain kernel privileges

Linus Torvalds Wins Joint Millennium Technology Prize

The suspense has been building ever since Linux creator Linus Torvalds was named a laureate for the prestigious 2012 Millennium Technology Prize back in April, and on Wednesday the tension finally lifted when it was announced that...

Microsoft Does an About-Face on Visual Studio and Open Source

Last month Microsoft caused considerable concern in the open source community when it made clear that the free, Express version of its upcoming new Visual Studio development software would no longer offer support for desktop-style...

Want Freedom From Vendor Lock-in? Survey Says: Choose Open Source

It's no secret that open source software is playing an increasingly prominent role in businesses around the globe, but a recent survey has uncovered a few surprising findings about adopters' motivations for choosing it.

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