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What is Kyndryl? IBM’s managed infrastructure services spin-off explained

IBM is focusing on hot technologies such as artificial intelligence and the cloud, and is cutting adrift legacy IT activities to operate as an independent company.


Salesforce tightens Slack integration at Dreamforce

Salesforce seeks to make Slack the interface for Salesforce users to collaborate around training, sales fulfillment, coding, and more. But CIOs should beware integrated pricing plans.

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ServiceNow ‘Rome’ emphasizes employee experience

CIOs weigh in on ServiceNow’s latest Now platform update, which aims to make enterprise processes easier for employees to navigate, whether in the office, hybrid, or remote.

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10 Power BI mistakes to avoid

Power BI is increasingly bringing the power of data to business users, but you may need more guardrails to get the most value from it. These are the most common things organizations get wrong.

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American Air Filter Europe unifies ERP under S/4HANA

Data cleansing proves key to migrating a hodgepodge of ERP systems in 14 countries to a unified sales and warehouse strategy in SAP’s cloud.

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Episode 3: Evolving Your Cloud Strategy for Changing Times

Episode 3: There’s no doubt the cloud offers a range of benefits if used to its maximum potential. After the first wave of cloud investment, however, the essential considerations have changed. In this third and final episode our...

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How Salesforce finds and upskills AI talent

The talent gap is the No. 1 impediment to AI success.’s multipronged approach can provide IT leaders with a playbook for finding and upskilling talent where they may not have thought to look.

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Making sense of Microsoft’s new certifications scheme

Microsoft’s new certifications are based on industry analysis of jobs and roles and are built in sync with documentation and training materials so you can stay up to date for cloud skills for free, but certs for on-prem technologies...

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Episode 2: The Context for Fluid Customer Experience

The migration of contact centers to cloud is a hot topic and well supported by IT decision makers. But are you really thinking about your customers? In these changing times the situation your customers face may be just as changeable...

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Sponsor Podcast HCL

Episode 1: Time to Solidify Your Digital Workplace Strategy

Episode 1: Technology buyers see the potential for a solid digital workplace foundation. Small prototypes and niche use cases have drummed up significant interest in what is possible with digital workspace services. But before buyers...


Oracle to customers: Spend more on cloud, save on support

With Oracle Support Rewards, the company hopes to tempt existing on-premises customers to move workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Episode 5: Putting Your CIAM Model to Work on a Continuous Basis

Episode 5: In this fifth and final episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 4 on the CIAM Maturity Curve: Continuous. Customer identity and access management, or...

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SAP finally joins the process mining fray

SAP has unveiled Process Insights, a new tool that leverages SAP’s wealth of enterprise data and recent acquisitions to help customers improve key business processes.

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SAP brings new tools and modularity to Rise

SAP has added HR and vertical industry support to its hosted S/4HANA offering, while furthering its forays into process intelligence and AI for expense auditing.

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AAA automates road service scheduling

AAA has deployed digital appointment scheduling for members of its roadside assistance service. Increased adoption of digital channels says it might be AAA’s best fix yet.

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SAP steps back from S/4HANA-on-Azure preference

Microsoft’s Azure will no longer be SAP’s preferred cloud platform — although SAP executives say the companies’ Embrace partnership remains strong.

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Sponsor Podcast Okta

Episode 4: Adding Intelligence to Your CIAM Strategy

Episode 4: In this fourth episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 3 on the CIAM Maturity Curve: Intelligent. To move from phase 2 (automated) to phase 3...

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Are Oracle's cloud gains enough to make it a contender?

Oracle has wooed some key customers to its public cloud software, but can it differentiate itself from competing services offered by, Microsoft, and Google?

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