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Apprenda acquires Kismatic, releases a new Kubernetes distribution

The platform as a service provider gains container smarts.

How to make containers more secure

CoreOS's Matthew Garrett talks about the security risks in containers and how he and others are working to mitigate such risks.

6 important announcements from day 1 of CoreOS Fest, Berlin

New technologies, more open source, more funding

CoreOS Fest goes to Berlin

A must-attend event for anyone who wants to know what the next wave of infrastructure will look like.

container intro hp

5 things containers need to win the enterprise

Container technology like Docker and CoreOS offers tremendous benefits in terms of flexible service and application delivery, but it needs these five key things to take off in the enterprise.

CoreOS aims to make OpenStack deployment easier with Stackanetes

Another step toward bringing GIFEE (Google infrastructure for everyone else) to the OpenStack community.

OpenStack is about disruption and technological diversity: Jonathan Bryce

OpenStack Summit has grown from 75 people to 7,500 people in 6 years!

Verizon and AT&T are putting their networking eggs in the OpenStack basket

As the OpenStack summit is underway in Austin, we learn more about how these giants are going with OpenStack

Inside AT&T's open source, software-defined transformation

The telecom giant goes all-in on network virtualization.

How Core OS aims to make containers more secure

API-driven analysis service inspects container images for known security flaws.

Open source is center stage at Open Networking Summit

As software defined networking becomes popular, open source is taking center stage.

MapR adds in-Hadoop document database

MapR delivers support for containers, security

With the general availability of its Converged Data Platform, MapR Technologies brings Hadoop together with Spark, Web-scale storage, NoSQL and streaming capabilities in a unified cluster designed to support next-generation big data...


CIOs aren’t ready for Docker and container technology

Less than half of Fortune 500 CIOs surveyed said that their companies are using containers, suggesting that technology hasn’t gained steam in large enterprises. Why aren’t more IT executives embracing Docker and CoreOS?

CERN datacenter

What is ‘infrastructure as code’ and why should you embrace it?

Sometimes referred to as programmable infrastructure, IAC is a good way to safely embrace IT automation and get your ‘shadow IT’ under control, too.

Why you need a virtual machine

Say goodbye to bare metal and go virtual...

Open Container Initiative establishes self governance model

Is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

Out with the old, in with the new

What do you do with your legacy IT environment? The answer is: sweat your assets. Work hard to prolong their life as much as possible. Make judicious, simple, but not investment-intensive or risky moves to simplify the environment and...

9 tools to help you manage your pet servers

Most of your servers are like heads of cattle on a farm. But some are special snowflakes that need to be treated with kid gloves. Here are some tools to do just that.

2015 most powerful companies 1

The 25 most powerful enterprise networking companies

These are our picks for the biggest influencers on the network.

Microsoft has built a Linux-based operating system

Don't get too excited; it's not going to power the next Windows....

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