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apple watch nike

Why you should buy Apple's Nike smartwatch instead of Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Nike+ has all of the same features as the standard Apple Watch Series 2, plus a few extras for runners. The Nike version of Apple's smartwatch is also both easy on the eyes and easy to use, but it may not be a good fit...

Watch 2 alone

Deep dive: The Apple Watch Series 2 delivers on last year’s promise

This year’s Apple Watch Series 2 surpasses the previous model by addressing many first-generation flaws.

Why I didn’t buy the Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple Watch has much to recommend it, but not enough for me to upgrade from the first Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Series 2 review: A faster, brighter fitness machine

Apple's second-generation watch doubles down on fitness with GPS, water-resistance, a dual-core processor, and super-bright display.

fitbit charge 2 primary

Fitbit Charge 2 review: A worthy upgrade elevates the fitness-tracking essentials

Fitbit's latest activity tracker combines the best of its Charge HR and Alta fitness bands at an affordable price.

nixon mission surf report

Nixon Mission review: A hardcore Android Wear watch for surf and snow

Ruggedized for action sports, the Nixon Mission is water resistant down to 10 ATM thanks to a trick "MicLock" feature.

macos sierra auto unlock apple watch 2

How to 'Auto Unlock' your Mac with Apple Watch

A new feature in Apple's macOS Sierra lets you use your Apple Watch to easily unlock your Mac computer. However, the 'Auto Lock' feature won't work unless a set of security and authentication safeguards is also enabled.

Apple Watch 2 reviews roundup: Is it worth the money?

The Apple Watch 2 offers better CPU and GPU performance, GPS and a brighter screen. But is it worth buying?

01 apple logo building

Behind the scenes of Apple's iPhone 7 event

CIO.com was at Apple's iPhone 7 unveiling this week and shot a series of photographs that provide an insider's view of the exclusive event.

Apple Watch 2: Does it need a bigger battery?

Rumors suggest that the 42mm Apple Watch 2 might come with a larger battery, but it’s the 38mm watch that could really use a better battery.

When will Audible release an Apple Watch app?

Audible’s audiobook app is one of my favorite iOS apps. But why hasn't the company released an audiobooks app for the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch 2: Who cares about cellular connectivity?

The Apple Watch 2 probably isn’t going to have a cellular connection according to Bloomberg. But how many people actually care about their watch connecting to cellular networks?

blockchain challenge

Healthcare interoperability research propositions of the ONC blockchain challenge

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Peter B. Nichol and co-author Jeff Brandt propose moving past theoretical results and engaging in practical research that explores the use of blockchain technologies in autonomous...

apple watch broken

Why you should buy AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch

Extended warranties on electronics are often a waste of money, but in the case of the Apple Watch, the extended service plan is well worth the extra cash.

Buy a Rainbow Pride band for your Apple Watch

Clockwork Synergy is offering a Rainbow Pride band for the Apple Watch that is reminiscent of Apple’s own limited edition given to its employees.

Apple Watch: It’s time for the honeycomb interface to go!

The honeycomb interface on the Apple Watch’s screen is an annoying mess to deal with, and Apple should dump it in watchOS 4.

Do you still use your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has proven to be the most popular smartwatch ever, but not everybody that has one loves it. Are you still using your Apple Watch?

wellness fitness activity weight lifting

5 easy ways to keep employees engaged in wellness

Employee wellness programs are no longer a novelty, and in many organizations the initial excitement has died down. Corporate wellness experts and HR reps share real-world examples of how to keep staff engaged with simple enhancements...

boeing 737 max airplane

Google Glass takes flight at Boeing

Aerospace giant Boeing recently completed a successful Google Glass pilot, reducing production time of aircraft 'wire harnesses' and chopping related error rates in half. The company also says it is 'very close' to launching a live...

watchOS 3: Add, remove or move apps in the Dock

Here’s how you can quickly add, remove or move apps in the Dock in watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch.

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