2021 Winner Profile

Lulu Group International

Piyush Chowhan

COMPANY WHERE WON: Lulu Group International


As CIO of Lulu Group International since 2019, Piyush Kumar Chowhan has led the most recent digital transformation projects at the highly diversified entity, which has operations spanning a vast geographical landscape. Spearheaded by the retail division, the group has affiliates in imports and exports, shipping, IT, travel and tourism, and education. With an annual turnover in excess of $ 7.4 billion and staff strength of over 50,000, the group requires a large IT team, and Kumar is responsible for 600 technology professionals.

The focus for the team recently has been implementing and enhancing a variety of omnichannel experiences for its customers, particularly in the retail arena. Agile development and delivery are key pillars for development of new client services such as chatbots on group websites.

The speed of delivery for services has been accelerated with help of cloud adoption and CI/CD tools. During the pandemic, COVID crisis, about 1000+ new remote VDI solutions were provided for office staff. Technology played a critical role to ensure food security, enabling faster sourcing and extended warehousing operations for additional consignments.


INDUSTRY: Retail Industry