2021 Winner Profile

Dubai Asset Management

Mohamed Roushdy

RANK: #13

COMPANY WHERE WON: Dubai Asset Management


In a challenging business environment, Dubai Asset Management (Dubai AM) has set its sights on transforming the ‘Build-to-Lease' real estate sector in Dubai and becoming the digital leader in the field.

Since 2018, CIO Mohamed Roushdy has worked with the leadership team to transform customer experience and improve operational efficiency with the aim of setting the company on a high-growth trajectory. The strategy is also inspired by Dubai’s drive to be known as the “happiest” city on earth through use of smart technologies.

To achieve these goals, Roushdy has guided a number of projects: a portal allowing customers and prospective customers to view multiple units , sign contracts digitally, pay rent online and receive contracts without leaving home or office or even making a phone call; a separate portal and app aimed at corporate customers, who rent in bulk and contribute close to 50% of Dubai AM’s revenue. Internal-facing projects included rollout of RPA for more than 12 business processes, and integration of data from various source systems into a data lake architecture


INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry