2021 Winner Profile

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Mamoun Alhomssey

COMPANY WHERE WON: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


In March 2020, as 80% - 90% of the global workforce started working from home, managing the productivity of staff became a challenge. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) responded rapidly with “My ADIB Pal” an AI-powered personal productivity application. Under the guidance of Group CIO Mamoun Alhomssey, it was launched in under six weeks in extreme remote working conditions, and built on the principles of self-management, the application provides transparency on how employees spent their time.

The system improves the way staff can plan weekly activities and organize effective workflows. The applications AI engine ingests, cleans and matches data from various systems having different taxonomies and uses a color-code system: Green hours signal time spent on banking transactions like processing checks, opening accounts or calling customers; blue hours show the time spent on calls, meetings, emails and chats; and grey hours are the time spent on learning and development.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry