2021 Winner Profile

Standard Chartered Bank

Erdal Ozkaya

COMPANY WHERE WON: Standard Chartered Bank


The pandemic has opened the way for security professionals to take on new responsibilities as enterprise leaders, a trend that had already been under way for some time. Erdal Ozkaya, regional chief information security officer for Standard Chartered Bank, stresses that the role of CISO is not what it was five or 10 years ago.

In the past, Ozkaya says, CSOs were often considered over-glorified IT security administrators, babysitting firewalls, arguing with software vendors over botched antivirus signature updates and cleaning spyware off of infected laptops and desktop PCs. Today’s CISO is responsible for leading an organisation’s overall strategy for balancing acceptable and unacceptable risks.

In the pandemic, Ozkaya ensured that the bank optimally leveraged technologies including cloud, VPNs, MFA, tokens, and multiple redundant data centres, but was also responsible for leading a number of new initiatives to respond to the crisis. These included establishing a global cyberskills and accreditation programme, and the integration of all data, applications and infrastructure input and signals into one system to give a full, holistic overview of the organization’s risk status and profile.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry