2019 Winner Profile

DBS Bank

David Gledhill


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: GANDALF was coined after bank leadership visited Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, and decided to emulate them and become the "D" between all their names: GANDALF. Three pillars make up the bank's strategy: Being digital to the core, building a customer-centric organization, and changing the bank's culture. Those goals included embracing cloud-native computing; leveraging AI, big data and biometrics; and increasing app release cadence by ten-fold. This has resulted in a broadened footprint in emerging markets, such as digibank India, with 2 million customers and 650,000 savings accounts in two years, and later a version in Indonesia. DBS has also focused on bringing tech operations back in-house: In 2009, the bank was 85% outsourced; by 2018, 90% of technology was insourced.

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry