2020 Winner Profile

Atomic Weapons Establishment

John Fenwick

RANK: #29

COMPANY WHERE WON: Atomic Weapons Establishment


Before becoming Chief Technology Officer of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in September 2019, John Fenwick had been closing down costs on Hitachi’s projected nuclear power plant programme in the UK. Now, he has brought across his experience of Hitachi’s development of remotely operated vehicles for the post-meltdown environmental assessments of the reactor buildings at Fukushima in Japan. For AWE, such vehicles, equipped with cameras and radiation dosimeters, will limit employee exposure to high-risk environment, and Fenwick’s insights have proved invaluable. He is currently working out how to operate the vehicles wirelessly in highly classified locations that prohibit the use of many network communications protocols.

LOCATION: Berkshire, United Kingdom

INDUSTRY: Government