2020 Winner Profile

Orbis - East Sussex and Surrey County Councils

Matthew Scott

COMPANY WHERE WON: Orbis - East Sussex and Surrey County Councils


Matthew Scott, Chief Information Officer at Orbis has established common design principles and standards for data, systems and interfaces across the three local authorities. They promote a hybrid cloud strategy using hyperconverged datacentres and Azure. While catering for legacy systems with little prospect for migration to cloud within the next five years, they also provide the blueprint for converging and standardising the technology landscape across the Orbis partnership.

At each of the three councils, the common core components cover enterprise data integration (to join up data from multiple sources), data management (supporting a single view of resident and asset information), RPA (where applications currently cover pension contributions, payroll and road defects reporting), low code and online access.

LOCATION: East Sussex, United Kingdom

INDUSTRY: Government