2020 Winner Profile

Bettys and Taylors

Toby Smith-Firth

RANK: #18

COMPANY WHERE WON: Bettys and Taylors


Toby Smith-Firth is the Group IT Director at Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate, a 100-year-old brand familiar to tea and coffee drinkers across the UK. This year has seen a great deal of change for Bettys and Taylors, with Smith-Firth helping to establish a new business vision and a future target operating model aimed at sustainable growth and a shift away from paper-based processes. This plan was communicated across the business via a dedicated cross-business team to secure maximum buy-in.

At a technology level this plan saw the replacement of a legacy ERP platform, rationalisation of a cumbersome IT application estate and introduction of best practice integration between the new and old systems. Smith-Firth has also been exploring IoT applications across the business, such as in its factory environments to improve operating efficiency.

LOCATION: Harrogate, United Kingdom

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing Industry