2019 Winner Profile

Cancer Research UK

Tiffany Hall

RANK: #9



By creating a searchable database that helps match cancer patients to early-phase clinical trials of treatments faster than ever before, CIO Tiffany Hall and her team have kept Cancer Research UK at the leading edge of the vast global effort to beat the deadly disease.

Used by a network of oncologists, the database has not only resulted in the faster recruitment of patients to trials and better patient care, but has also enhanced the international profile and cross-organisation collaboration of Cancer Research UK's experimental cancer medicine centre network.

She has channelled pro bono work from a digital agency to deliver a proof-of-concept augmented reality application for smartphones that shows the sugar content of foods and drinks. Obesity is a major cause of cancer, and the app displays the appropriate number of sugar cubes next to a picture of a food or drink item when the user scans its barcode.

Hall has also driven the creation of a science knowledge base for donor teams working with high net worth individuals, giving them access to valuable materials and up-to-date information. And the Cancer Research UK technology function has adapted the charity's e-commerce site to support the launch of new cancer care products.

All this has been accompanied by the rollout of new laptops and Office 365 across around 4,000 users, boosting productivity, ease of remote working and collaboration. The IT team's continued migration of fundraising products to the technology space has saved the charity well over £1m a year in platform fees and development and support costs.

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LOCATION: Angel Buidling 407, St John Street, London, United Kingdom

INDUSTRY: Nonprofit