2018 Winner Profile

2 Sisters Food Group

Ferenc Vezer

RANK: #33

COMPANY WHERE WON: 2 Sisters Food Group


A multi-business, multi-site company with fast-churn production lines, 2 Sisters Food Group is an amalgam of acquisitions and huge organic growth that makes inordinate demands of its Group CIO Ferenc Vezer. And last year those demands crystallised into a board fiat that the business needed to be replatformed, with a single accounts system instead of multifarious ERP, and that information and analytics had to be improved across all business units to optimise operational efficiencies and drive performance.

Vezer responded with a system that consolidates financial reporting data across eight legacy ERP environments into a single SAP S/4 Hana core. The aggregated data is also used for operational efficiency reporting that allows data to be interrogated from the very top of the group position all the way down to a single ledger entry in any systems. The easier access to financial information has been accompanied by greater confidence in its accuracy and the elimination of a great deal of manual effort.

His team launched a cloud-based HR system for a company with over 20,000 production line-oriented staff subject to large seasonal fluctuations. Benefits to date include much improved access to people information and a migration to online and mobile-enabled HR processes.

More than 1,500 suppliers are now covered by a cloud-based, custom-developed food traceability application he introduced, capturing cost savings and improving functionality and usability. Another cloud-based platform has been a paperless audit mobile app for onsite audits, which has boosted auditing capability, information transparency and real-time reporting.

Cloud utilisation, internet first and mobile-enabled everything are clearly Vezer’s watchwords. As to the future, he is investigating robotics in the accounts department, automation in the factories (including connected IoT-type devices to improve manufacturing efficiencies), and blockchain throughout the supply chain.

LOCATION: Wakefield, United Kingdom

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing Industry