2008 Winner Profile


Project Description:
HP's Next Generation Data Center program provided a full makeover of the company's global data center infrastructure, telecommunications network and applications environment. The plan called for consolidating more than 85 data centers into six, redesigning the network infrastructure and consolidating 6,000 applications into 1,600, which were upgraded on new platforms. The NGDC strategy provides a "lights out" environment high-utilization servers and storage runs in highly efficient power and cooling envelopes with a minimum number of operators managing all resources from a remote central control room. The company is reducing IT costs from more than 4 percent of revenue to less than 2 percent and is shifting work assignments. Before, 70 percent of the workforce focused on sustaining legacy infrastructure and applications while 30 percent worked on innovative projects. Now 20 percent provide support and 80 percent work on innovation.
Project type:
Network, Servers, Storage
Business Functions:
Sales, IT Operations, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
Strategic /Competitive Advantage
Mark Hurd, Chairman of the Board, CEO & President
Palo Alto, Calif.
Computer Hardware
Revenue (2007):
$104.3 billion
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