2008 Winner Profile

Mid Valley Products

Project Description:
The Mid Valley Distribution and Accounting System (MIDAS) supports multiple processes for distributing goods to military retail stores globally. The system, based on a service-oriented architecture, has enabled faster order processing, accelerating "speed to shelf" by more than 11 days and opening the door to expand distribution of perishable and chilled products by 38 percent. The company used the system to design and implement a novel process to forecast demand for the most perishable items using a combination of trend analysis and rapid communication of anticipated shifts in demand. The team cut the expense on spoils by over 50 percent, paving the way to offer lower prices.
Project type:
BPM, E-Business, SOA
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance, Supply chain/logistics, Order processing/fulfillment
Business Goal:
Strategic /Competitive Advantage
Michael Stewart, President
Norwalk, Conn.
Revenue (2007):
$210 million
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